After spending some time to raise your reputation, you'll be able to create or join a group of players inside your main faction. Such group is called a platoon.

Platoons constitute the main combat forces of factions, regrouping its most advanced players.

  • You need 30000 reputation points to create or join a platoon.
  • To create a platoon, you'll have to buy yourself a base in your headquarters. Buying a base is handled by talking to the faction manager.
  • Bases offer more space than rooms, that space being shared by all platoon members. No one else can access the base.
  • Two base types currently exist in all factions. The first costs 10000 caps, the second 15000 caps. There are no major differences between those bases, except for the amount of space they offer.
  • All bases provide some containers and a workbench. You can then add more containers as you see fit. You can buy containers from the container manager.
  • A special NPC called the Concierge handles the daily management of your platoon. Depending on your rank in your platoon, he'll propose you different dialog options for different management levels.
  • Platoons will in the future access to more features than regular faction members, such as missions, dedicated dungeons and PvP areas.
  • Platoons will also play a more important role in factions' decisions with the ability to propose treaties, declarations of war and other diplomatic initiatives that will affect the whole faction.

NOTE: platoons must not be confused with squads. Platoons are groups of players sharing goals and a base, while a squad is a group of players following a leader using his leadership skill.

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