About us

Developers behind Ashes of Phoenix are regrouped under 'No Name Yet Team' name. We are fans of the Fallout franchise and experienced players, including on FOnline games.

This project is a great opportunity to share our common vision of FOnline and promote the Fallout universe within players' community, but constitutes also a challenge for our team members, coming from many different countries.

Also, we don't get paid for our work, motivation is our main fuel and thus, the challenge is even higher. We're fully aware of it, since most of us have already worked on different mods and indie projects in the past. Though, we believe that the social, gaming and professional experiences are worth it. Bringing you a dynamic, unpredictable and exciting experience is our motto, and we'll do our best to stick to that goal with enthusiasm, talent... and your opinion.

With your support, we'll focus on building a world in which rules are less restrictive, in which players have a much more notable impact and can take more initiatives. A world in which every decision is taken wisely and every corner may hide a possible threat. Hopefully, altogether, we'll be able to achieve this goal.

Here is the updated list of No Name Yet Team members:

Also a special thanks to our contributors and players, who have helped with mapping, art, ideas, feedback, debugging, and generally giving a damn.

Fallen Heroes:

  • Lidae - Senior Programmer / Scripter
  • Shangalar - Project Manager, Lead Level design, Background writer
  • Kinkin - Art & Interface
  • K3tamina - Programmer / Scripter
  • Kabe - Programmer / Scripter / Artist
  • Rynn - Technical support
  • SaNeR - Contributor: Art
  • Paragon - Programmer / Scripter
  • S1man - Programmer / Combat Design

You can also contact us at NoNameYetTeam@gmail.com.

We want also to thank all the people who worked for years on Fallout modding and FOnline development, talented and dedicated people without who our project would not have been possible. Thanks Vaultboys (and girls)!