Factions headquarters

Factions Headquarters have a major role in post-apocalyptic Arizona. Used as shelter, trading center and meeting place, headquarters are generally hidden from the outside world. They're composed of different sections:



Headquarters' entrance, called the Courtyard, is accessible by faction members and characters with a good enough reputation with the faction. The area includes:

  • A quest to obtain the Awareness perk.
  • One merchant selling Tiers 1 equipment.
  • One merchant trading Tiers 1 ammo for pretty much anything accept by merchants.


The main section is called the Structure. It contains most of the important NPC's and access to the other parts of the headquarters:

  • The faction manager will sell you a private room in which your equipment will be safe. He will also allow you to constitute a platoon when you'll have enough reputation, and some other services.
  • Crafting assistants will provide you advice and blueprints to craft more advanced equipment. Workbenches and chemical tables are available and often required to craft items.
  • A crafting merchant will see you oil, kevlar, fuses and chemical components for caps.
  • Merchants will trade various types of equipment, ammo, food and other supplies.
  • A special merchant will buy all the useless prewar items gathered into Phoenix for caps.
  • The assignment giver will provide you various missions to perform.
  • The container manager will sell you more containers to fill your room and platoon base.
  • There are other characters providing information, advice, lore and sometimes exchange special items against caps or reputation.
  • The structure provides space for players to interact with each other safely. It's often the occasion to meet other players and tag along for some dangerous mission in the Wastes.


The Heart is the most private part of the headquarters. It requires 30000 points of reputation with your faction to get access to it.

  • Faction leaders are standing in the Heart.
  • You'll also find the most advanced merchant and a doctor, both selling valuable items. Depending on the faction those characters are sometimes standing on the structure, but you'll need 30000 reputation to access their stock.
  • A special assignment giver proposes the most difficult missions.


Rooms are restricted areas for faction members. You can change your room for 50 caps talking to the faction manager. Currently there is only one type of room available, through 10 different variations.

  • Located inside headquarters, rooms allow equipment to be stored safely between expeditions.
  • If you're left for dead anywhere in the Wasteland, you'll be brought back into your room.
  • Rooms can be filled at will with new containers.
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