Rad Rifle

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A good damage rifle with limited range.

Note:You cannot aim the Rad rifle

Rad Rifle
Though its name says otherwise, this rifle does not actually irradiate its targets and just works as any plasma rifle does. The producers just thought the alliteration might help promotion of the weapon. Unfortunately, most people were afraid to expose themselves to the radiation this gun seemed to create so it did not sell well and was only ever produced in small numbers.
Damage 80-100(single)
Single AP: 49
Range: 33
Reload AP: 60
Traits Decreased DR
Decreased DT
Weapon Perks Faster Reload
Hit the Gaps
More Criticals
Bonus Damage
Bonus Rate of Fire
Damage type Plasma
Strength Required 6
Type Two-Handed
Weight 5443 grams
Base price N/A
Tier 2
Crafting table
RADRifle.png x 1
Requirements Energy Weapons Blueprints
Resources 3x Components
3x Alloys
4x Junk
4x Metal Parts
4x Electronic Parts
1x Energy Transformer
Tools Workbench
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