Zone Control

Siman Explanation:

ZC domination is a system, that resolves zone ownership contest over a series of 4 fight opportunity rounds of 1 hour, each within a 6 hours frame (so always 4 per 24 hours, that is full domination cycle), shifting randomly for (-1, 0, +1) hours each round (but staying within the given window).

Each fight opportunity is a ZC round, during which zone is contestable. Participating factions get ZC score by holding flags within a period of time (as per regular current ZC rules), after ZC is over the domination points pool is distributed over participating factions weighted on their ZC score.

Domination points pool is calculated as >maximum< of 2 values: - 10 * number of players in largest team; - 20 * number of players in second largest team.

Examples are: 20 vs 0 - 200 points, 20 vs 5 - 200 points; 20 vs 10 - 200 points; 20 vs 15 - 300 points; 20 vs 20 - 400 points, 20 vs 30 - 400 points.

Victory in a Domination cycle (that is series of 4 rounds over 24 hours) is achieved by a faction which has most of previous_cycle_points / 2 + current_cycle_points, meaning that half of current cycle total points carry over to the next cycle.

Points for any given cycle are calculated as a sum of points of cycle rounds. Worth noting that "Summary" tab in Domination Details window gives you not current cycle sum, but exact summary that will be used for defining a victor (which is previous_cycle_points / 2 + current_cycle_points).

Each round in cycle has its corresponding number (1 to 4), and in case noone has contested a zone in a given round defender gets ZC domination points similar to a value they had for that same round in the previous cycle.

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