Zone Control

All maps in the core of Phoenix (except faction gate zone) are so called Zone Control maps. The players of a faction can take control of such maps by starting a timer and defeating any enemies that comes to defend during that time.

During the timer, various actions (shooting/killing/healing) is rewarded with a score, and the combined score of all players in each faction is displayed as a server message as the faction score. The faction that started the timer receives 1 point/sec per faction players in the zone up to 6 points/sec max. The zone is taken after 3600 points are earned. As soon as another eligible team enters the zone, it becomes contested. From this moment the score counter is blocked until there is only one faction left in the zone.


Starting Zone Control

The Maps

In it's current shape, the Phoenix core consists of 25 maps. 12 of these are Zone Control maps:


On each Zone Control map, there is a flag which, when interacted with, allows a group of players to start the Zone Control process. Different maps may have different requirements for starting the Zone Control: Gear (equipped armor and equipped weapon), player level and number of players are the things checked for. The current requirements for the zone control maps are currently all set to the same thing: at least 6 people, minimum level 5, no equipment needed. As with everything, this is subject to change in the future.

During Zone Control, a player is considered Eligible if he meets the requirements of the Zone Control map.

The Timer

When Zone Control is started, a server message will appear and a timer of 20 minutes is started. The server message shows the amount of time left, and the score (see below) of each currently participating faction. The faction with the highest score when the timer stops will take control of the zone. The team that starts the Zone Control is awarded with 50 score to begin with, and as soon as an opposing team enters the map, they are given 1 score.

Zone Control Score, Fame and Reputation

During Zone Control, every eligible player (a player that meets the requirements) of a participating faction (a faction that has enough eligible players currently in the Zone) will receive a personal Score whenever performing one of the following actions:

  • Inflicting damage on eligible enemies. 0.1 score/dmg dealt. Bleed damage counts as 0.5 damage.
  • Crippling eligible enemies. 10 score/cripple.
  • Killing an eligible enemy. 50 score/kill.
  • Giving first aid to an eligible team mate. 0.1 score/dmg healed.
  • Healing the limb of an eligible team mate. 10 score/limb healed.

The score awarded is furthermore modified by the player who is shot/healed: +2% per level above 1, +50% per tier 3 item equipped, +0.1% for each score of the target.

The Team Score is the combined score of all players of a faction during a Zone Control action. It is displayed in the server message, and if both teams are still alive at the end of the timer, the team with the highest score will win.


The Score earned by a player during Zone Control is remembered after each action as Fame. You can view your personal fame in the character sheet, under the karma tab. After each action, you get 10% of your score from that action as Fame. Fame currently has no significance, other than certain bragging rights.

Your private score is made visible if you have the awareness perk, and it shows for any player with 50 score or more.


During Zone Control, you will not receive the usual reputation penalties or rewards from shooting other players. So long as a player has less than 50 score, he may be shot and killed without any reputation loss (or gain) whatsoever, regardless of faction. This allows a team to appropriately punish any suspected scouts, or people who try to loot without having done participated in the action.

Shooting a friendly player with more than 50 score will bring the usual reputation penalties.

Reputation (as well as XP and caps) will be rewarded when the Zone Control has ended, and the rewards are based on your personal performance (score). See below.

Ending Zone Control

The last team standing will generally win the action and take control of the zone. The only exception to this is if the timer runs out first, in which case the team with the highest score will win.


Every player that participated in the Zone Control (achieved a personal score of at least 1) will receive a reward of Caps, XP and reputation with the participating factions. The reward is based directly on the personal score of each player and so it is individual. Caps are spawned directly in one of the lockers in the player's private room in his faction.

The caps and reputation skills are further modified by the player's Persuasion skill. Caps and reputation rewards are multiplied by Persuasion/500.

The rewards (subject to change):

If your faction won:

  • XP: 10*score
  • Caps: 4*score
  • Reputation with your own faction: +score
  • Reputation with enemy faction: -score/4

If your faction lost:

  • XP: 10*score
  • Caps: 2*score
  • Reputation with your own faction: +score/2
  • Reputation with enemy faction: -score/8

Looting phase

After a Zone Control action is concluded, there will be a short "looting phase", during which Zone Control can't be restarted on that map. Currently this only lasts for 30 seconds, but this is subject to change.

During the looting phase, there are no reputation penalties or rewards for other players, regardless of their fame, score or level. This is so that you can punish freeloaders or others trying to steal loot.

Faction Rewards

Bonus Mechant Supply for owning all 3 zones a faction's gate. Bonus Mechant Supply for owning more than 6 zones.

Merchant Stock
Crafting Materials (Common)
Crafting Materials (Pipes) & Alcohol
Crafting Materials (Scopes) & Small Guns
Crafting Materials (Scopes) & Small Guns
Crafting Materials (Scopes) & Crafting Materials (Common)
Crafting Materials (EW) & Big Guns & Energy Weapons
Crafting Materials (Drugs) & Melee
Crafting Materials (EW) & Energy Weapons
Drugs & Small Guns
Crafting Materials (Explosives) & Explosives
Crafting Materials (Pipes)
Crafting Materials (Armor) & Armor
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