Level cap

There is no level cap in Ashes of Phoenix, however, after reaching level 24, the rewards for gaining further levels change. We call this the softcap.

  • You no longer get any additional hit points.
  • Perks you can select every third level come from a different list, and those new perks do not significantly affect PvP balance.
  • You will normally gain skill points after level 24, but the use of these skill points is restricted. At level 25 and above, you can no longer use skill points to increase your tagged skills. Instead, these tagged skills are now the measure with which all other skills are compared. Primary skills can't be improved above the level of your primary tagged skill, and secondary skills can't be increased beyond the lowest of your tagged secondary skills.


You tagged small guns, first aid and leadership. At level 24, small guns is at 225, first aid is at 175 and leadership is at 150. Now, when you reach level 25, you gain as many skill points as you normally do, but they can no longer be used to improve small guns, first aid or leadership. You can improve your big guns, energy weapons and hand-to-hand skills up to, but not above 225, since that's where your tagged primary skill ended up. You can improve your throwing, traps, sneak and doctor skills, but only up to 150, since that's the lowest of your tagged secondary skills.

In other words, gaining levels after level 24 will not make your character significantly stronger, but rather more versatile.

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