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Crafting is handled via a dedicated screen called the Fixboy. It can be opened using the 'F' key.

  • By default, all known recipes appear when opening the Fixboy. If you have the required components, items will appear in green. Otherwise they'll appear in red.
  • To craft most items you'll need either a workbench or a chemical table. You can find those devices inside headquarters.
  • When interacting with the workbench, only recipes that require the bench will appear in your Fixboy. The same goes for the chemical table.

The different recipes for each item follow a simple concept where any item that could be considered Tier 2 usually requires one special part and a number of common materials. The available crafting materials can generally be sorted into these different groups:

Low Quality Materials

These items are found everywhere, especially in random encounters. They are mostly used for low-tier starting items and are only rarely required later on.

Common Materials

These 4 materials account for roughly 80-90% of the materials needed in general crafting. As a rule of thumb, every Tier 2 item requires a mix of 3 items of this category, in varying quantity. Generally, a rifle with a wooden stock will require some extra wood to be crafted while energy weapons for example always require some electronic parts.

Special Parts

Every Tier 2 item requires at least one special part to be crafted and special parts can only be found in the core and nowhere else, limiting their general supply. Most weapons only need a single special part to craft and each weapons class usually has its own part, with assault rifles being crafting with Metal Pipes and Sniper Rifles with scopes. Generally, the crafting recipes are determined by what is shown in the weapon's picture.

While the three categories of items account for 99% of the items needed in weapons crafting, there are also critter trophies and common supplies. While silver gecko pelts and deathclaw hides are both used in armor crafting, the former could be considered a "low quality material" while the latter is closer in value to a "special part"

Finally, each headquarters also has a dedicated merchant to sell oil, kevlar, chemical components and fuses. These are sold for 10 caps each and can only very rarely be found anywhere else. While fuses and chemical components are commonly used for explosives and drug crafting, oil is used to repair weapons while kevlar is used to craft and repair armors.


To unlock more item recipes in your Fixboy, you'll have to get blueprints from your faction.

  • Blueprints can be unlocked in exchange for relics you obtain all throughout the Wasteland. Different tech trees require different relics.
  • Getting a new weapon doesn't necessarily mean it will be generally better than the previous one. All weapons unlocked by blueprints/relics are considered Tier 2. The bottom of the tech tree usually contains average and more versatile weapons, while the top of the tree is made up of items that have a more specific role and require some more experience to be used effeciently. This does not mean however that any weapon is strictly superior to another.
  • Relics can also be donated for a reputation bonus. They can not be sold directly though, unless another player is willing to trade.

Currently, there are 6 different Relics to be found in the core:

  • Technical Manuals - for Pistols and SMG's
  • Encrypted Holodisks - for Assault- and Sniper Rifles as well as Shotguns
  • Blueprint Parts - for Big guns, Heavy Machine Guns and Light Machine Guns (LMG's)
  • Blue Memory Modules - for Energy Pistols and Rifles
  • Maps - for Melee Weapons and Spears
  • Chemistry Journals - for Explosives, Traps and Drugs

Crafting Trees

There are many weapons of each category to obtain for each weapon type. The format here is, from first to last unlocked, weapon(amount of relics needed)

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