2020 Launch Changelog

Game info:
Client Links: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Oh1xOxh3_mH7yqhjAFQ_8tezxndgTTxX
Alt Link: http://fonline-aop.net/cirnstuff/client.zip
Server IP: play.fonline-aop.net:4000
Tech level Tier 2 at start
4 Factions + Loner Sewerrats
Full loot is on (duh)

New Features:
Multi Flag Zone control:
Each zone has a certain number of flags (1-4). ZC starts with a 5 minute initiation period to allow all factions to gather. After 5 minutes have passed, each flag has to be captured by at least 2 people staying within a ~10hex radius around a flag. After a flag has been captured, it will start generating points. One faction has to hold at least 50% of the flags in order to start generating points. Points gain is doubled when all flags are held. ZC duration is about 10-15 minutes.

Zone Cooldown: Zones cycle through a ~1 hour long active phases, followed by a 4-6 hour long inactive phase. ZC can only be initiated when a zone is marked as active. After changing ownership, a zone becomes inactive. Frontline mechanics are still in place, meaning that only neighboring zones can be captured.

Core Outposts:
There are 8 underground locations in the core which are marked on the map. They can be captured using flag mechanics similar to ZC, as long as the Zone above is being held safely by that faction (see control level changes below). The outposts act as a limited respawn points for their faction and also offer to lease out password protected containers. Outposts can be attacked by enemy factions if control over the surface zone is lost. This triggers a 24h period during which either side can enter the outpost. After capture, the containers will be opened and lootable.

Faction Invasion/Destruction:
When the enemy gate location is captured, a faction invasion event can be triggered by interacting with the base truck. This will schedule an event on the next saturday on a random hour in the european afternoon/evening. In the first phase, the enemy courtyard becomes accessible to everyone and a flag is spawned that has to be captured, using ZC flag mechanics. If the attackers succeed in taking the courtyard, the rest of the base becomes accessible, including ROOMS and BASES. The attackers then have to push to the heart location flag and detonate a nuke within the capture radius of said flag. This kills the faction. Nukes are crafted from rare blueprints and can go boom, causing death and radiation. When a faction is destroyed, all faction members are turned into neutral sewer rats and can join another faction. Their rooms and bases remain accessible, to anyone.

The season ends once only one faction remains.

Notable Changes to last season:
Tec prog is now advanced by players through crafting blueprints. Each such craft will show progress to next level.

Zone Control levels: There are only 2 control levels, a rank symbol in the top right corner of the map means that it is a safe zone, as the frontline requirements are such that no other faction would be able to attack it. No symbol means that this is not the case and the map is vulnerable. A safe zone is required to claim outposts.

Advanced blueprints are now available within the core, resulting in gear that is 2 tiers higher than current global tech level.

Core patrols have been overhauled in terms of frequency, distribution and strength, in line with container spawn value and ZC reward values. The central 8 zones around hospital offer the highest risk and reward.

Hell hole and maryland archives are now accessible again.

Known Bugs:

The holdout events dont currently end. Expect to die.
There might be holes in walls due to very recent changes, please report these with an annotated screenshot.
Loot spawns in a few old dungeons might be wonky.