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General Discussions / Faction numbers (02.10.14)
« on: September 15, 2014, 06:27:08 PM »
Current number of characters in each faction:

Jim & Jack & Joe Lawyer Agency       1719
Brahminboys                                       1255
The Family                                           1160
V-Technologists                                  2232

Spoiler for 16.09.2014:
Jim & Jack & Joe Lawyer Agency      1196
Brahminboys                                       728
The Family                                           739
V-Technologists                                 1629

Changelogs / 14.09.2014 Changelog
« on: September 14, 2014, 01:36:08 PM »
- Phoenix Archives dungeon will be back after next server restart. Check wiki page about dungeons before going there!
- Mining Missions now autosplit reward to players in the zone.
- Fixed doctor AP cost (for real this time).
- Fix to Family maindoor bug.
- Drop all into container via alt-click menu now checks if target is a container.
- Spears now utility slot-throw-able.
- Bug fixes related to drugs.
- fixed npcs grenades not having explosions.
- New platoon names SHOULD now FINALLY be automatically added to the list. ( ;) )
- Random assignment bug fixes.
- map fixes.
- Dialog fixes:
-> all warmasters
-> Tony Vivaldi (briefcase) (Family)
-> Father Pablo (doc) (Family)
-> Free building guard (books) (Lawyers)
-> Vault scientist (briefcase) (V-Tec)
-> Butch (rubber boots) (Brahminboys)
-> Jackson (tanner) (Brahminboys)

- Assassination missions: VIPs wandering depends on difficulty, Alarming the camp will result in the VIP attempting to fleeing the zone.
- Miners no longer give EXP.
- First aiding and Doctoring message no longer obscure user's name.
- Zone Control Finish message now tells how much experience, reputation and caps you gained.
- Mob stats tweaks: aliens, deathclaws, primary centaurs, ancient floaters, ghouls and mutants are slightly stronger.
- Deathclaws speed increased.

- Decreased price of MK I armors but increased price of MK III.
- Increased price of hightier BG and EW weapons (Minigun, RL, .50cals).
- Increased 40mm grenade box price from 40 to 100 caps.
- Increased stock of low tier ammo merchant.
- Decreased kevlar cost for crafting Mk III armor from 6 to 2.
- Moved all Grenade crafts from Workbench to Scientific Instruments.
- Decreased crafting cost of normal Stimpaks.
- Increased experience gain for some chemical and explosive crafts.
- Howitzer Shells are now sciencable.

Equipment-related changes:
- swapped around plasma pistol and its ext. cap version's damage
- fixed thrust aimed mode on different bladed melee weapons
- fixed armor trait progression and weight on Support Combat Armor
DKS-501 Sniper Rifle
        -replaced Ignore AC armor perk with Piercing Strike
Grenade Pistol
        -increased reload ap from 45 to 60
Remington M870
        -decreased damage from 80-100 to 70-95
Milkor MGL
        -increased AP cost from 70 to 75
        -increased grenade travel time from 15 to 35 (35ms per hex)
Milkor MGLS
        -increased AP cost from 70 to 75
        -increased grenade travel time from 15 to 30
        -decreased range from 60 to 55
        -decreased damage from 27-37 to 25-35
        -increased reload ap from 180 to 200
Wakizashi Blade
        -decreased damage of first attack mode from 40-55 to 30-45
        -decreased damage of second attack mode from 80-90 to 55-65
        -added Revealtime of 1200ms
        -changed weapon perks to:
                1:Knockout strike
                2:Better Criticals
                4:Better Knockouts
                5:Silent Death
40mm grenade
        -added DRmod of 15%
7,92x57mm Mauser (mg42)
        -decreased DRmod from -15% to -10%
5,3mm AP (minigun round)
        -decreased DTmod from -100 to -90
- Added equipment (T2 armor and weapon) and level (6+) requirements for all characters to enter a zone while ZC timer is on. This will be tested and changed again if necessary.
- M240 and Avenger Minigun are now craftable. The Avenger minigun uses a special reload script which doesn't require to actually reload. In order to use it properly, put the ammo into the second active slot for it to feed your weapon automatically.
- new command ~dropsquad to remove self from squad (temporary fixes for any stuck in squad issues).
Added player context menu, Alt click players to:
-> 'Untag' to remove target from tagging you;
-> 'Squad Invite', invites target to your squad.

News & Announcements / Game status & Random battles 1 PvP video
« on: September 13, 2014, 05:25:41 PM »
Hello everyone!

It's now been a week since the game launch, and we have to admit that we're facing more bugs than we expected. However, we're working very hard to fix them and give you the most stable and comfortable experience as soon as possible. We apologize to all the people we couldn't help both in-game and on our forums, we're a small team and we do everything we can with our available means and time.

Despite all the issues currently affecting the game, the community has answered to the release with great enthusiasm and we thank you for all the kind words and encouragements we've received from many of you already. It's a pleasure to make a game for people like you guys! A big thanks to all our wiki editors too, and to everyone reporting bugs and abuses as soon as they found them. Finally, thanks to everyone playing the game fairly and trying to help the new players. Please continue doing everything you can to assist them, as everyone has something to gain out of such productive cooperation.

For the next couple of days, we'll keep focusing on killing as many bugs as we can and improve some of the mechanics that work worse than expected. We'll also bring the tutorial back and reopen dungeons. You can also expect the team recruitment to reopen soon.

EDIT: forgot to mention that we also added a Donation button on top right of the main website page. For people wanting to help us, have a look there.

To conclude, here's a little PvP video recorded by developers the 9th september. That's one of the first (if not the first) big battles on the game.

Changelogs / 11.09.2014 Changelog
« on: September 11, 2014, 08:29:20 AM »
- Random assignment bug fixes.
- Squad bug fixes.
- Fixed issue where only 1/10 of the stuff would spawn on random encounters and such maps.
- Fixed issue where the loot respawn is very long (>1 hour).
- Reduced random patrol frequency by 50% during Zone Control.
- Core life "motherspawns" now properly limited.
- Fixed a DR issue related to leadership buff.
- Sight range leadership module bug fixed.
- Traps skill no longer usable @ negative AP.
- Fixed Defibrillator.
- Fixed first aid bug, no more double first aid (target and yourself at the same time).
- Fixed doctor AP cost.
- Doctor npc radiation treatment fixed, poison treatment added for 100 caps.
- Bleed kills now credit to Hall of Fame.
- Fixed problem where any kill would also count as a traps kill for the HoF.
- Hopefully hobos can talk again now.
- dialog improvements for Lawyers and V-Tec.
- Fixed Pr Stromberg dialog (Brahminboys).
- Fixed input characters "é" and "è" on french keyboard.
- item descriptions fixes
- other map fixes
- other dialog fixes

- Assignments rewards increase. (~20%)
- Small buff to exp gained by shooting mobs. (~10%)
- Multiple small changes to headquarter maps, hopefully for a better comfort.
- Instantaneous elevators.
- New patrol paths for Guards on Core gates, close to the exit grids.
- Reworked Gates mob pools. Guards presence increased.
- Help distance of faction guards increased to 40.
- Reworked Random Encounters mob pools. Geckos are now more easy to find in deserts and mountains.
- Geckos arrived on the Power Plant and are now more present on Verde Water Treatment Plant.
- Green Grids now have a 8 second cooldown after 2 consecutive jumps.
- Red Grids on Gates will have a 8 second timer for non-faction players.
- Brahminboys fast travel improvements.
- Blocked both dungeons entrances until the crazy respawn bug is fixed.
- chem comps price lowered to 10.
- armor crafting only requires 1 kevlar.

- Hotkeys added for Util Slot, Drop All, Get All , run HotkeysConfig.exe to reset your binds! (drop and loot all only works in rooms and bases)
- Added fast travel to Family Structure and Lawyer Heart.
- New platoon names added.
- Advanced context menu! Alt click + target = advanced options (currently only used for dropping all items into a container).

Interface improvements:
- Optimized png files in the interface folder.
- new icons for rads and bleeding, blinking when active.
- needles remade, fixed alignment, added retro-lightning green/yellow/orange/red depending on rad and bleed level.
- new thinner and more readable font for ammo counter.


Wasteland Art /
« on: September 10, 2014, 01:06:21 AM »
I'll even dare to stick this thread since we're here talking about one of the first and probably the most famous artist that ever illustrated the FOnline universe and experience: Cryofluid.

Through his website, you'll have the occasion to discover a lot of unique wastelandish creations, pictures, movies and more, related to Fallout or other universes. References are legions in his creations. Be sure to check every corner of the picture... literally!

Also, a link to his youtube channel:

Wasteland Art / Wasteland (fan)art: info
« on: September 10, 2014, 12:44:34 AM »
Please feel free to share any interesting content related to our beloved wasteland universe in this section.

Fanart about AoP or not, your favorite Fallout art, your best post-apo movies, documentaries, music, events, facebook pages, DeviantArt pages or else. Give us something to eat for the long nights when future features and areas around Phoenix will be prepared for your future enjoyment! ;)

As always, all offensive/inadequate stuff will be removed.

Platoon name requests / About names requests
« on: September 10, 2014, 12:25:21 AM »
  • Don't forget to mention your faction when posting your platoon name request.
  • We cannot change a platoon name that already exists. We can however add new names in the database, which will then be available to use for you after next server update.

Changelogs / 08.09.2014 Changelog
« on: September 08, 2014, 04:15:41 PM »
- Sprinter Perk Speed bug fixed.
- Wei Lao (Normal Resist leadership module) nerfed in half.
- Made AI's reload take time (1200ms).
- Made AI doctoring take time (1200ms).
- Finally fixed the workbench issue.
- Fixed the Sugarman bug.
- Fixed Faction recruiters.
- Fixed items tradeability.
- Added V-Tec HL Random Assignment giver.
- dialog fixes.
- map fixes.

- geckos spawn rate increased in desert & mountain encounters.
- You no longer lose rep for shooting miners in mine mission.
- Set combat timer to 1 second and made it so you can't use exit grids during combat again. Should fix many of the "black screen" issues.
- Fixed "use on" mode for knives and possibly some other items as well. You can now properly use that to harvest fibers instead of selecting knife from the backpack icon etc.
- Removed most of the low intelligence babbling.

Polskie Pustkowia / Moderator
« on: September 06, 2014, 11:39:06 PM »
Hello guys!

I would like to know if the Polish section needs a moderator, and in that case, who would assume that role? I don't know if there are conflicts between people inside Polish community and so if someone in particular should/shouldn't be chosen as moderator. Don't hesitate to contact me about it, thanks!

Changelogs / 07.09.2014 Changelog
« on: September 06, 2014, 07:11:31 PM »
- Fixed horrible bug with players suddenly becoming Loners on characters having the same name than another char previously deleted with ~deleteself.
- The Workbench plague has been stopped and we'll remove those that remain.
- fix to bleed & poison so they properly kill you (taking care of the dead man walking trait).
- Fixed educated perk to work retroactively (down to lvl 3) like the description says.
- ZC message on/off toggle (press 'F9', default is on)
- fixed some exploit.
- fixed lawyer mine merchant.
- fixed crafting with ore.
- fixed description in lawyer recruiter dialogue.
- more dialog fixes.
- map fixes.

- Exit grids can now be used while in combat mode.
- Changed Zone Control starting requirements to: at least 6 people, min lvl 5, no equipment needed.
- Assignments now have a 10 minutes cooldown before you can take another one.
- Spawn rate of patrols decreased in all Core maps except gates where it was slightly increased.
- Core patrol sizes generally reduced for human groups:
-> Human hostile groups have generally 2-5 members (those values are always randomized);
-> Human neutral groups generally have 4-6 members;
-> Faction patrols generally have 5-6 members.
- Core resources generation is more randomized: now the whole map doesn't respawn things all at once anymore. The respawn rate has been slightly improved.
- Crafting Tier 1 equipment can now improve your engineering skill, up to around 120% and then it stops increasing it. Crafting Tier 2 and Tier 3 improve your skill up to max (200).
- Dogs speed slightly reduced.
- Reduced merchant condition cut off from 60 to 20.
- Greatly increased the amount of caps spawned on merchants.
- Reduced restock time on merchants.

- Changing room now moves all your items from your old room into your inventory. Be careful.
- You can now use .q or /q  to speak to your squad.

Changelogs / 06.09.2014 Changelog
« on: September 05, 2014, 10:55:24 PM »
- dialog fixes
- Vault 7 door fix
- guards shouldn't attack each other anymore
- some other minor fixes

- removed the tutorial for now to fix performance issues
- random patrols removed from random assignments

We're now encountering some issues with the server, potentially an external attack. We're working on it, but server will probably be unstable for some time.

News & Announcements / AoP Client v1.0 & server launch info
« on: September 05, 2014, 02:28:30 PM »
Hello everyone!

Here is the link to client 1.0. The online server will be opened in approximately 2 hours.

The client contains a default cache file, and so you should be able to reach the main menu screen already. Ask around in the Technical Center if you encounter issues to run the client, and we'll do our best to help you. Don't forget to provide screenshots and explain your issue, and of course paste the content of your FOnline.log.

We'll update this thread when the server is ready to go.
EDIT: server is online!

See you all pretty soon in Arizona!

Trading Outpost / Welcome to the Trading Outpost!
« on: September 01, 2014, 07:28:08 PM »
Welcome everyone to the official barter grounds around Phoenix. Feel free to use the different subforums to propose your offers to the community.
  • Post your threads in the adequate forum: Sales to sell your items, Purchases to buy items, and Auctions to set up a sale with a limited timing to place bids.
  • Don't forget to add tags to your threads titles if necessary, as for example your main faction ([BRAH], [VTEC], [LAW], [FAM]) or the type of operation you're expecting (grouped sale or urgent purchase for example).
  • Fill the necessary information in your message: name of the trader, complete offer including the amount of each item and their condition, or the auction duration and bid levels if applicable.
  • Don't forget to keep the first message updated and to close the thread once the operation has been concluded.
Have good trades at the outpost!

Roleplay Activities / Roleplay activities - explanations
« on: August 31, 2014, 04:39:50 PM »
Hello Wastelanders!

This section is dedicated to players wishing to do roleplay or start a roleplay-related activity in the game. While there are currently no mechanics covering those gameplays, that doesn't mean you can't do something on your own already. We plan to introduce some dedicated systems in the future, for example to help you manage bounty contracts, but that's gonna be for later versions of the game.

Meanwhile, if you want to establish your merchant company, or start some activity as mercenary, here is the place to announce it to the community.

We'll closely watch this section and remove the unnecessary flame. Please behave.

Platoon Embassies / About Platoon embassies
« on: August 31, 2014, 03:23:51 PM »
Hello everyone!

This section is dedicated to platoons and players applications. Feel free to post platoon presentations, announcements and recruitment status as you see fit. Use the Applications subforum to spontaneously propose your services to all platoons.
  • Only one thread per platoon/player!
  • Clearly mention the name of your platoon/character in the thread title.
  • Don't forget to mention which faction your platoon/character belongs to.
  • Please keep propaganda and sensitive debates into the political section. If you're tempted to post a screenshot full of your enemies' dead bodies, do it in the Accomplishments section.
We will be extremely severe with people willingly taunting or posting bullshit, so behave please.

News & Announcements / Ashes of Phoenix Release date
« on: August 28, 2014, 12:06:28 PM »
Hello everyone!

Development on Ashes of Phoenix has been really intense during this summer, and thanks to your support and feedback, we've been able to bring multiple improvements to the game. Now, it is time for the launch.

Friday the 5th of September, the public server will be officially open for everyone. That means you'll be free to download the game client and jump into Arizona with all of us and start the adventure!

In a couple of days, game rules will be posted on our forums and the installation procedure page will be updated. We'll post an announcement about it before launch day so you can perform the game installation already if you wish. The exact hour of the launch and some other details will be given at the same time.

This version 1.0 is just the beginning of the Ashes of Phoenix journey though. We have plans for the future weeks and months, and you can expect the game to evolve regularly. We'll talk about this in more detail in a few weeks. You can also expect us to ask your opinions about features of the game, both existing ones and new ones that we plan to introduce. Thanks to those discussions, we hope to develop a better game that corresponds to your desires, and also give you a clearer picture of our vision for Ashes of Phoenix in the future. This game is about combat, exploration, survival and politics, and all those aspects have not been equally developed yet. There is much more to come!

On top of that, in order to allow everyone to take a look at raw footage straight from the battlefield, we will host a livestream on on August 30th, 8-10pm CET, showing live zone control in action.

We hope you'll have much fun playing AoP and we want to thank you for your support which is extremely helpful, boosting our spirit and giving us the energy we need to continue on. We hope you're as excited as we are to start plundering Phoenix with all our friends!

See you soon in Arizona!

News & Announcements / Dev diary 3: Skills
« on: August 24, 2014, 01:03:02 PM »
Hello everyone!

The third dev diary is out. This time we talk about skills, and detail some of the options available in term of character building and combat tactics. This video shows some of the most advanced features of the game, that will enable complex dynamic gameplay for both individuals and groups. We hope you'll enjoy what you'll see and we look forward for your feedback!

News & Announcements / Dev diary 2: Factions
« on: August 13, 2014, 09:25:01 PM »
Hello everyone!

Here is the second developers diary about Ashes of Phoenix, in which we talk about the main factions of the game and some of the opportunities they offer. The exact date of the game launch should be known soon. Enjoy!

Events & Politics / Events and Politics - explanations. Beware trolls!
« on: August 10, 2014, 08:53:18 PM »
Welcome! This section is dedicated to Events and Politics, two important matters in the Arizonian Wasteland.

We encourage players to organize in-game events. PvP Tournaments, inter-faction big battles, hunts in Phoenix, whatever you can come up with that's fun and interesting.
We will do our best to help the community organize events. If you need our assistance, send us some PM (with something concrete or we won't pay attention) or open a thread.

Do not hesitate to discuss about in-game matters and political affairs in this section.
Discussing conflicts can often be a way to find compromises and understand each other better. Don't forget that this is just a video game.

Beware trolls! Flaming, trolling and speaking bullshit to taunt your opponents won't be tolerated more here than anywhere else on this forum. Please behave.

If you hate someone, hate him in PM's or even better, smash him in-game. We will pay attention about what's been said in this section, and might take in-game actions if we need to.

Welcome! This section is dedicated to Challenges and Accomplishments.

Challenges are the occasion for us to ask our community to show their skills in particular conditions. Every month or so, you'll be asked to fulfill a task in-game, and provide a proof, through some video footage or sometimes screenshots, depending on the task. There are various types of tasks we could ask, for example your best sneak action, your best kill streak, your highest damage, your best combat move or your biggest random encounter fight.
  • No one has any obligation to participate, of course. It's just some way to share your best moments with the community and play along other people doing the same.
  • There will be limited amount of time to fulfill the challenge. You'll have the occasion to compare your skills with other players, in-game when accomplishing the challenge against opponents or simply by sharing your videos, and we think it could be fun in such a context.
  • Depending on the task, we'll set a simple set of rules in a new dedicated thread so that anyone can participate in good conditions.
  • At the end of the challenge time, we'll ask everyone to vote for the best videos/screens shared by participants, or we might vote ourselves on our side, we'll see.
  • The best/3 best players (or groups) will be rewarded with great item packs and/or skins. You definitely won't play for nothing! (and for those that will most probably ask: yes, a few Advanced Power Armors might be given at such occasions.)

Bringing roleplay and provoking funny moments is always a plus. We count on you to make us dream! ;)

Links to challenges threads will be gathered right here when we start.


Whatever the challenge we propose, you can also always show your in-game accomplishments and performances in this forum section. It's always nice to see what's going on in the Wasteland, with videos, screens, texts or even soundtracks. A great text report can be really enjoyable!

  • We will certainly reward the most original and interesting accomplishments posted in this section, and we'll always remain transparent on that subject by making announcements if we do so.
  • Remember that your accomplishments have to be in direct relation with the game. Fan art, for example, as cool as it is and as much as we like it, is not the kind of stuff to be posted in this section, except if it illustrates something concrete that happened in-game.

Links to the most interesting accomplishment threads will be gathered right here.


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