Inside Phoenix quarters, there are passages leading to dungeons. Dungeons are challenging locations where players can find great loot and fights.



To be allowed to enter the dungeon, any group must fill the necessary requirements:

  • Minimum 4, maximum 6 players must be tagged together.
  • Every member of the group has to carry minimum a Tiers 2 weapon and armor.
  • There is no level requirement for dungeons but a well thought preparation is advised in order to stand a chance against challenges awaiting inside.


Dungeons currently available are based on different main specifications:

  • There is only one entrance to a dungeon. Once a group has entered it, the door closes for 5 minutes until another group can enter again.
  • Once you entered, there is no turning back. There are a few exits located at key points of the dungeons.
  • The dungeon is an unique location. All players will fight in the same place and can encounter each other.
  • Any dungeon is constituted of various rooms including different enemies and traps, requiring to set up strategies and pick up the right weapons for a maximum efficiency.
  • Mob packs and loots are regenerated regularly, with time or as you advance through checkpoints.
  • Sneak characters can go through (some parts of) the dungeon without affecting mobs respawns, allowing to check for other player groups.
  • Several boss encounters are dispatched around dungeons, some are optional and some are not. A final boss encounter is proposed at the end of the dungeon, but it is optional.

List of Dungeons

There are two dungeons currently available. More will come with time, as well as new dungeon settings, potentially for fully PvE experiences.

  • Phoenix Archives: located under Maryland Avenue, this creepy place is well known by Arizonian Wastelanders. It is said that distorted shapes are visible during the night around the old city administrative building.
  • Hell Hole: the strange and heavy atmosphere dominating Paradise Valley does indicate something wrong around there. Who knows what's hiding under this former scientific residential area. This dungeon is a high level challenge for the most tough characters only.


  • Mini-dungeons are small locations similar to normal dungeons found inside the core.
  • Mini-dungeons usually consist of several rooms and can be cleared in 5-15 minutes by a small group.
  • There are no strict requerments to enter them. It is possible to enter alone, without group, aswell as leave it at any time.

List of Mini-Dungeons

  • Adams School 2nd floor: Small dungeon that can be completed solo or by a small group(2-5+) of wastelanders. Inhibited by wild dogs.

  • Warmart 2nd floor: 2nd floor of famous Phoenix market is taken by a ruthless gang. Well equiped group(3-6+) is need to clear this place.

  • PV Polymer Lab 2nd floor: 2nd floor of administrative building near PB polymer lab is now home of small group of bandits. This dungeon can be cleared solo or by a small group(2-5+).

  • Phoenix General Hospital 2nd floor: Phoenix hospital is full of mutants. This dungeon can be completed by a group(3-7+) of well equiped wastelanders.

  • Nuka Cola Factory 2nd floor: This place is empty, but is still functional! One can exchange special nuka cola caps for a special nuka colas!

  • RobCo Enterprises 2nd. floor:This is one of the hardest dungeons inside the core. It is guarded by powerful robots. Well orgonized and good equiped group(6-10+) is needed to complete this place.

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