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FOnline: Ashes of Phoenix appears!
« on: December 30, 2012, 06:00:00 PM »

Howdy hooo, Wastelanders!

It’s been some time since we started working on a new FOnline server project, and now that we managed to advance far enough in the development process, we’re able to present it to you in more detail. It’s called Ashes of Phoenix, and we’ll start immediately with a quick view at its plot!

Let’s move to Phoenix, Arizona. The city miraculously avoided its global destruction during the Great War of 2077, and a well preserved part of its center remained almost completely unnoticed for almost 150 years. We’re now in 2220, and a rumor speaking of plentiful resources and intact buildings has been spread into the Wasteland. Independent organizations show up, preparing themselves for an unavoidable conflict with each other. During that time, stronger forces remain hidden, waiting for the situation to evolve and give them the opportunity to achieve their objectives. You are a Wastelander, coming to Phoenix from the West, seeking for food and adventure. Fortunately, factions there are happily accepting extra manpower in their ranks. Make your choice, and join the battle for the city.

Ashes of Phoenix worldmap

We always considered that FOnline was showing its biggest potential with PvP features. What could be better than killing player raiders and innocents along with comrades? Humiliating them, stealing their precious equipment, all that in a dusty ravaged world where everything can happen?… That’s one of the reasons why we decided that our game would be mainly PvP oriented. But post-apocalyptic worlds are also about survival, exploration and societies’ evolution, and we don’t forget it.

As a player, your first concern will be to choose one of the available factions. You will then be able to locate their headquarters and join. There, you’ll meet other members of the faction, as well as merchants and other useful people. This place is your shelter, and you must prove yourself worthy of it. Factions don’t provide much free stuff and their operating costs are high. Your job will be to gather resources out there in the Wastes to equip yourself, and contribute to the war effort to increase your reputation. That way, you will get access to advanced areas, restricted gear, and the possibility to gather with your mates as a new cell of your faction, gaining a personal base directly located inside its headquarters.

A small view over a faction’s headquarters

Once you will feel ready, you’ll turn your eyes to the Core. Phoenix’ preserved center got a lot of available resources and crucial places to control, but it’s a permanent battlefield. A huge place where creatures, bandits and factions are all gathered, and which promises risks and unwanted encounters. It will up to you to develop your strategies, organize with your mates, use your sense of diplomacy… and your fighting skills to triumph.

Forum public part will be extended soon so that you can come discuss about the game. Of course, for now the amount of information we can give you is still scarce on certain topics, but that’s because many things can still be subject to changes. While we’ll present you the game via this blog during future weeks, we’ll focus on remaining features in order to prepare a first test early 2013. The game is currently in alpha, and we’re working on its main features so that it’s already playable and looking as close as possible to its final version. Then, we’ll focus on extending the content.

Next article will be about character revisions. There are plenty of changes and new things that we want to show you.

So stay tuned… and happy new year!
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