Author Topic: [BETA] 02.03.2014 Changelog  (Read 16355 times)


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[BETA] 02.03.2014 Changelog
« on: March 01, 2014, 08:40:00 PM »


- Fixed the nasty AC bug leading to miss a lot of times in a row.
- Fixed the friendly fire issues preventing mobs from shooting adequately through each other.
- Fixed a bug in which all the stackable items couldn't be disassembled (including the normal spear).
- Properly replaced Guns and Bullets by the Technical Manual as far as blueprints/relics are concerned.
- Fixed Mega Power Fist bugs.
- Fixed wrong weapon perks.
- Some Random Assignment fixes regarding inability to take assignments.
- Added missing broken armors pictures.
- Map fixes.
- Item fixes.
- Dialog fixes.
- A lot more fixes here and there.


- Sharpened spears are now stackable.
- Removed the ability to disassemble sharpened poles.
- T1 Weapons thrown by NPC's no longer appear on the ground.
- Energy weapons now have their own weapon failure cases.
- Energy weapons tweaks.
- A proper animation speed has been applied to all weapons.
- Reduced SMG burst range.
- Reworked shotgun spread (wip).
- Fixed so that the positive and negative effects of voodoo and psycho occur at the same time. Those effects have been reworked.
- Added chance (25%) to spawn empty hypo when using psycho, stim and superstim.
- Giant Radscorpions HP reduced.
- Dogs melee damage improved.


- The Holodisk Cheapboy screen is now fully functional. Read em, write em, scroll em, delete em.
- Added a new crafting tree for explosives/traps and drugs, along with new crafting components and a relic.
- Added a new drug: Blood Moon.
- Added a player message whenever an item can't be disassembled.
- Added 2 new Random Assignment maps.
- Added high rank missions for all factions.
- Added a proper barter inventory to the oil/kevlar merchant. He now also sells fuses and chem components.
- Added a higher quality inventory to the higher factions merchants. They need 30K reputation to talk to you. The Heart of all headquarters should also be accessible now (with 30K rep as well).
- Added some new dialogues.
- Most merchants now spawn caps based on how many zones your faction controls.

As the first of the Tier 3's, H&K G11 and Mega Power Fist have been implemented with custom attack modes.

The Mega Power Fist now causes about 50% of its primary damage in a cone to all targets behind the primary target. The primary target receives a super knockback while secondary targets receive a normal one. Knockback extra damage applies. The damage type is explosive.

The H&K G11 features a unique attack mode called Salvo. Each Salvo attack shoots 3 bullets which can be aimed and are hitting and critting individually. The attack is essentially treated like 3 single shots at the cost of one.

During this testing session, tier 3's are added to the merchants in the heart, with a certain chance to appear.

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Re: [BETA] 02.03.2014 Changelog
« Reply #1 on: March 02, 2014, 08:37:17 AM »

I suggest also to delete the cache


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Re: [BETA] 02.03.2014 Changelog
« Reply #2 on: March 02, 2014, 11:00:37 AM »

K3tamina, +1 .

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