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News & Announcements / Ashes of Phoenix character revisions part 1
« on: January 14, 2013, 06:00:00 PM »
Hello everyone!

While we advance further in the development, here is some information about the changes we made to the mechanics concerning the characters you’re going to play. There are quite a lot, so we’ll overview them step by step. To understand very clearly the next bunch of lines, you must know well how FOnline and Fallout mechanics work.


Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility and Luck are preserved, but their fields of actions have been deeply modified. Here are some examples:
  • Strength has a strong influence on your basic HP amount and your healing rate. It also determines your weapon drops and knockouts resistances during combats.
  • Perception still determines your sight range, but it has been highly extended. A character with high perception is now able to see at up to 80 hexes away. Perception also impacts your hit chance for long range shots and for aimed shots, your eye cripple resistance, your sneak and traps detection.
  • Endurance impacts your basic HP amount and your healing rate as usual, but also knockouts duration, arms and legs cripple resistances, radiation and poison resistances…
  • Charisma will impact a new skill called Leadership (we’ll talk about that one later) among many other things around the game’s world.
  • Intelligence still impacts the number of skill points you gain per level, but now also improves your critical chance.
  • Agility impacts your armor class, your healing rate and your action points regeneration.
  • Luck impacts your critical chance along with intelligence, but also bonuses for aimed shots, your critical resistance and your armor class.
Basically, we diversified the applications of the SPECIAL stats. Each one is impacting different mechanics and formulas, so that your choices at character creation will be difficult. Everything will be important, and your choices will hopefully be based more on your personal tastes than on an optimized formula.

Other stats

Hit Points: a character will start his adventures with around 200 HP’s. At high level, he should reach 300 and more. To die, you have to reach -100 HP’s. Between 0 and -100, you’re comatose and so, unable to perform any action. These values aren’t exactly meaningful for now, until we’ll overview the weaponry.

Armor class: the armor class will basically help you to avoid single shots when running from cover to cover, by reducing your enemies’ effective range. The effective range is the range in which someone can decently shoot and hit a target with a weapon. We’ll see that more in detail in a future article.

Action points: every player will have 100 actions points to spend at any moment. Every action costs AP’s and you regenerate your AP bar as time passes: faster when you stand still, slower when you move. The speed of the regeneration when you’re moving is depending on your agility value.

Carry weight: the limit of CW is larger than before. Every character is able to carry enough stuff, at least for himself. Your carry weight maximum value, determined by your strength, doesn’t prevent you from grabbing more stuff. When you exceed it, you get different maluses, the worst being unable to run until you drop enough stuff.

Damage resistance: coming along with armors and some perks, this stat works roughly as usual, as Damage threshold does.

Poison and Radiation resistances: these stats work roughly as usual and help you avoid a part of the poison and radiation doses you receive during your travels and fights.

Bleed resistance: this is a brand new statistic, replacing the old Sequence. Some weapons deal Bleed damage, wounds that require bandages and a proper treatment to be healed.

Healing rate: the speed of your natural body regeneration. You should be able to regenerate fast enough to get back on your feet during some fights, if you have been knocked out but not killed.

Critical chance: criticals have been entirely reworked. You’ll get more details soon, but for now we can already say that criticals have been designed to happen more often, but with less powerful consequences. New critical effects have been implemented too.

So, that seems already a good start! We’ll come back soon to talk about skills and perks. On the blog page ‘About the game‘, you’ll find a general FAQ which will certainly answer a lot of your questions.

News & Announcements / FOnline: Ashes of Phoenix appears!
« on: December 30, 2012, 06:00:00 PM »
Howdy hooo, Wastelanders!

It’s been some time since we started working on a new FOnline server project, and now that we managed to advance far enough in the development process, we’re able to present it to you in more detail. It’s called Ashes of Phoenix, and we’ll start immediately with a quick view at its plot!

Let’s move to Phoenix, Arizona. The city miraculously avoided its global destruction during the Great War of 2077, and a well preserved part of its center remained almost completely unnoticed for almost 150 years. We’re now in 2220, and a rumor speaking of plentiful resources and intact buildings has been spread into the Wasteland. Independent organizations show up, preparing themselves for an unavoidable conflict with each other. During that time, stronger forces remain hidden, waiting for the situation to evolve and give them the opportunity to achieve their objectives. You are a Wastelander, coming to Phoenix from the West, seeking for food and adventure. Fortunately, factions there are happily accepting extra manpower in their ranks. Make your choice, and join the battle for the city.

Ashes of Phoenix worldmap

We always considered that FOnline was showing its biggest potential with PvP features. What could be better than killing player raiders and innocents along with comrades? Humiliating them, stealing their precious equipment, all that in a dusty ravaged world where everything can happen?… That’s one of the reasons why we decided that our game would be mainly PvP oriented. But post-apocalyptic worlds are also about survival, exploration and societies’ evolution, and we don’t forget it.

As a player, your first concern will be to choose one of the available factions. You will then be able to locate their headquarters and join. There, you’ll meet other members of the faction, as well as merchants and other useful people. This place is your shelter, and you must prove yourself worthy of it. Factions don’t provide much free stuff and their operating costs are high. Your job will be to gather resources out there in the Wastes to equip yourself, and contribute to the war effort to increase your reputation. That way, you will get access to advanced areas, restricted gear, and the possibility to gather with your mates as a new cell of your faction, gaining a personal base directly located inside its headquarters.

A small view over a faction’s headquarters

Once you will feel ready, you’ll turn your eyes to the Core. Phoenix’ preserved center got a lot of available resources and crucial places to control, but it’s a permanent battlefield. A huge place where creatures, bandits and factions are all gathered, and which promises risks and unwanted encounters. It will up to you to develop your strategies, organize with your mates, use your sense of diplomacy… and your fighting skills to triumph.

Forum public part will be extended soon so that you can come discuss about the game. Of course, for now the amount of information we can give you is still scarce on certain topics, but that’s because many things can still be subject to changes. While we’ll present you the game via this blog during future weeks, we’ll focus on remaining features in order to prepare a first test early 2013. The game is currently in alpha, and we’re working on its main features so that it’s already playable and looking as close as possible to its final version. Then, we’ll focus on extending the content.

Next article will be about character revisions. There are plenty of changes and new things that we want to show you.

So stay tuned… and happy new year!

News & Announcements / Beta first phase end & wiki opening
« on: March 14, 2014, 03:09:33 PM »
Hello Wastelanders!

It's been five weeks since the beta test started and thanks to the help of our testers, we were able to solve a lot of bugs and bring several improvements to the game. We could also run some stability tests to make sure everything runs fine. We're now close to the first playable version of the game, but some tasks still remain to be finished. That's why we'll close the server at the end of this week. It will be reopened in a couple of weeks for the second beta test phase when we'll be ready to launch it. We'll keep you informed of the progress as regularly as possible.

Meanwhile, we're working on a new version of the website, which will hopefully arrive soon now. This improvement should help us to communicate more easily and more regularly and bring a better atmosphere to the whole platform.

Finally, the wiki is now ready for contributions. It's still missing a lot of pages and we'll soon work on a more practical and cool display, but at least basic information is made available and that's the most important thing. We'll let you know soon about editing procedure. If you're interested in giving us a hand to fill it, don't hesitate to contact us in this post or via PM. We'll give you access to a testing server where you'll be able to gather information after server closure.

Stay tuned!

Changelogs / [BETA] 09.03.2014 Changelog
« on: March 09, 2014, 09:02:14 AM »

- Fixed the AP/aim bug where the autoaim would turn off only partially after client script reload, resulting in higher AP cost in non aimed mode when reconnecting to the game.
- Mobs now use 1.5x AP to perform actions compared to players in order to account them having kinda broken amounts of AP regen. (WIP)
- Fixed the persuasion, engineering and science skill formulas for gaining skill points.
- Fixed so that a missed target doesn't get any combat timer anymore.
- Squads with 0 members now properly deleted.
- Squads now deleted when squad leader removes self.
- Can now leave squads by removing self.
- Fixed some more random assignment issues.
- Fixed some crafting related bugs.
- Map fixes.


- Changed the repair formula.
- Changed the XP formula gain when sciencing items.
- Replaced Jet with Afterburner.
- Adjusted value of healing items and drugs.
- Changed the junk merchant into a tier 1 ammo merchant that accepts everything except food and drugs as payment.
- Changed the Brahminboys courtyard to reduce unnecessary travel time.
- Clamped DR to max 95% for players. (WIP)
- Search and Destroy missions now include new explosive containers.
- Dialogue improvements.


- 1 new random encounter map.
- Added "weak energy cells", a cheap variant of SEC dealing 20% less damage.


Changelogs / [BETA] 02.03.2014 Changelog
« on: March 01, 2014, 08:40:00 PM »

- Fixed the nasty AC bug leading to miss a lot of times in a row.
- Fixed the friendly fire issues preventing mobs from shooting adequately through each other.
- Fixed a bug in which all the stackable items couldn't be disassembled (including the normal spear).
- Properly replaced Guns and Bullets by the Technical Manual as far as blueprints/relics are concerned.
- Fixed Mega Power Fist bugs.
- Fixed wrong weapon perks.
- Some Random Assignment fixes regarding inability to take assignments.
- Added missing broken armors pictures.
- Map fixes.
- Item fixes.
- Dialog fixes.
- A lot more fixes here and there.


- Sharpened spears are now stackable.
- Removed the ability to disassemble sharpened poles.
- T1 Weapons thrown by NPC's no longer appear on the ground.
- Energy weapons now have their own weapon failure cases.
- Energy weapons tweaks.
- A proper animation speed has been applied to all weapons.
- Reduced SMG burst range.
- Reworked shotgun spread (wip).
- Fixed so that the positive and negative effects of voodoo and psycho occur at the same time. Those effects have been reworked.
- Added chance (25%) to spawn empty hypo when using psycho, stim and superstim.
- Giant Radscorpions HP reduced.
- Dogs melee damage improved.


- The Holodisk Cheapboy screen is now fully functional. Read em, write em, scroll em, delete em.
- Added a new crafting tree for explosives/traps and drugs, along with new crafting components and a relic.
- Added a new drug: Blood Moon.
- Added a player message whenever an item can't be disassembled.
- Added 2 new Random Assignment maps.
- Added high rank missions for all factions.
- Added a proper barter inventory to the oil/kevlar merchant. He now also sells fuses and chem components.
- Added a higher quality inventory to the higher factions merchants. They need 30K reputation to talk to you. The Heart of all headquarters should also be accessible now (with 30K rep as well).
- Added some new dialogues.
- Most merchants now spawn caps based on how many zones your faction controls.

As the first of the Tier 3's, H&K G11 and Mega Power Fist have been implemented with custom attack modes.

The Mega Power Fist now causes about 50% of its primary damage in a cone to all targets behind the primary target. The primary target receives a super knockback while secondary targets receive a normal one. Knockback extra damage applies. The damage type is explosive.

The H&K G11 features a unique attack mode called Salvo. Each Salvo attack shoots 3 bullets which can be aimed and are hitting and critting individually. The attack is essentially treated like 3 single shots at the cost of one.

During this testing session, tier 3's are added to the merchants in the heart, with a certain chance to appear.


In order to start polishing maps of the Core, I'd like to hear your opinions based on your own experiences. What map is the best to scavenge equipment? By scavenging, I'm talking about loot accessible inside lockers, both quantity and quality. You can choose up to 5 maps into the list. You can also elaborate about your choice in a reply and/or give your opinion about the least interesting maps as well.

That poll will remain until we get enough responses. You can change your vote anytime. Mobs will probably be examined later.

Developer Corner / What's this section for?
« on: February 22, 2014, 01:58:28 PM »
In this section we'll ask your opinions about the game content and features, especially items and skills. Based on your replies, we'll apply modifications to existing features, locations or items if necessary.

  • This subforum will allow us to open regular polls and propose them to you.
  • We'll try to open a new one every 15 days or so.
  • You can of course propose your own polls as well as suggestions in the dedicated section and we'll carefully read them.

Changelogs / [BETA] 20.02.2014 Changelog
« on: February 20, 2014, 05:47:43 PM »

- Fixed Rewards for Search and Destroy assignments.
- Can no longer use the Faction chat when dead.
- Some crash fixes.


- Random Assignments difficulty adjustments.
- Improved Random Assignments rewards.
- Merchants now accept 50%+ condition items and pay 20% of their value as base price.
- Mobs rebalancing:
-> humanoids: SPECIAL, armor, HP and melee damage reworked;
-> animals: armor, HP and melee damage reworked.
- Patrol tweaks:
-> numbers of patrollers have been reworked for most patrol types both in RA and into the Core;
-> new patrols arrived into the Core: cannibals, squatters, thugs, robbers, slavers, bandits, raiders, mercenaries and bounty hunters.

-> Random Assignments can now be taken as a party. Rewards are of course less, but not a by a large margin. Leader of the tagged group must take the assignment. Handing in the assignment for reward is done individually.

Changelogs / [BETA] 19.02.2014 Changelog
« on: February 19, 2014, 02:09:47 PM »

- Workbench recipes' color bug fix.
- Fixed an annoying bug with the sneak shader.
- Made it so team kills don't count towards killing-spree score in the Hall of Fame.
- Fixed an hilarious bug where NPC's seemed to try to clean bulletproof glass.
- Knockdowns now have a proper wait time (1200ms).
- Oil/Kevlar merchant bug is fixed but it still won't work until we wipe the server. If you wanna buy Oil or Kelvar, just ensure that you always keep at least 120 caps in your inventory. Below that sum, he'll still grab all your money. EDIT: actually, it's fixed now.
- NPC no longer have weapon explosions.
- Nerfed mobs AC.
- Random Encounters map fixes.
- Random Assignment map fixes.
- Other map fixes.
- Dialogue fixes.
- Probably a couple of other fixes we forgot to mention.

- Random Assignments:
-> 'Kthx' removed.
-> Fixed NPC RA giver's related crashes.
-> Fixed multiple missions crashes and similar bugs happening for example on server restarts.
-> Once finished / dropped RA no longer shows up on WM.
-> Once finished / dropped player no longer continues to get credit for objectives.
-> If you drop your current assignment, you won't be able to take another one for 45 minutes.


- Changed prices of bases from 100k and 200k to 10k and 15k.
- Friendly fire is now tracked and slowly lost over time. Doing friendly fire every once in a while has very little, if any, effect on your reputation. Doing a lot in a short time will quickly get you expelled from your faction.
- Fixed Family collectible merchant. He was moved to the second level (Mr Giovanni).
- Nerfed plasma and energy spear as well as Wakizashi blade.
- Buffed super sledge.
- Nerfed fire rate of Combat shotgun.
- Buffed all SG snipers.
- Generally nerfed Shotgun flechette ammo.

- Faction guards in HQ's:
-> Players flagged as criminal if they hit another player or NPC of the faction inside Headquarters.
-> Guards will shit all over criminals if they hit anyone.
-> Players will revive in their room instantly with all their equipment if killed in HQ if they do not have criminal flag.
-> Guards only attack and react things in their line of sight.
-> Guards attack for dropping traps.
-> Guards resurrect their mates.
-> Players can attack other players in HQ's if they are from a different faction AND if their reputation is low enough (check their contour color).


- Added a bunch more platoon names for each faction.
- Made it so you get +10k rep with your faction when you hit lvl 24. And a little "Congratulations!"-message.
- 2 new Random Encounter maps.

- Introduction of a new control scheme:
-> Type ~controls to toggle between control schemes.
-> In the alternative scheme, maintaining the Attack mode requires to maintain 'A' button pushed. Releasing it returns to the previous mode. Right clicking still allows to change cursor's mode as usual. 'A' also activates Hex shooting.


Changelogs / [BETA] 17.02.2014 Changelog
« on: February 16, 2014, 10:45:15 PM »

- Fixed Armor Class bug.
- Fixed Dead Man Walking bug.
- Restored plasma pistol recipe.
- Restored m21 weapon picture.
- Map fixes.
- Dialogue fixes.
- Some more fixes.


- Faction guard patrols frequency fix on controlled Zone Control maps.
- Random encounters maps improved, two new random encounter maps introduced.
- Properly set 1 hex stat of RPK to 50 (same as all other LMG's).
- Fixed wrong ranges for AK series rifles.


- Interface: Trade between players and follow leaders missing pictures added and fixed.
- Added collectible items merchants: in every HQ, you'll find someone to buy all the collectible items you found into the Core.


Changelogs / [BETA] 15.02.2014 Changelog
« on: February 14, 2014, 10:13:44 PM »

- Fixed pics for outdoorsman and engineering (they were reversed).
- Derived stat pics are no longer shifted around, and you can click the last one.
- Fixed lawyer elevator background pic.
- Mobs families in 'Kills screen' fixes.
- Fixed some bugs with the pipboy (cursor disappearing, ZC details being shown in the wrong place).
- Fixes to random assignments script.
- Radio price properly set to 35.
- Dialogue fixes.


- Every item inventory picture size has been increased in all menus.
- Fire geckos use their flame breath now.
- Increased spawn chance of critters in random encounters.
- increased Brahmin spawn chance on some maps and in random encounters.
- Your own name will be the same name as that of your faction. Can be overridden within the namecolorizing.txt file located in your client folder.
- Changes to the namecolorizing: now you can specify your own colors for the different factions.
- Core map descriptions in the Automap screen.
- Depending on difficulty, you have 25-45 minutes to complete a random assignment. When time runs out and player is still in the map, the  NPC's will head towards an exit grid and leave.
- Weapon stat tweaks.


- Added faction messaging system. On by default. Use "~factionmessages off" to turn off, "~factionmessages on" to turn on. Type ".f <message>" or "/f <message>" to send a message that will only be seen by your faction mates, wherever they are.
- Bound the tab-key to the pipboy Automap as well. Pressing tab when the Automap is open closes the pipboy again.
- Ammo boxes graphics.
- Implemented missing component "Chitin Scraps" for armor crafting.
- Added Wakizashi Blade to the melee blueprints.
- 'Wall Slam': knockbacks inflict 3% damage per hex if the target hits a wall.
- Added energy transformer to lootable cars.


Changelogs / [BETA] 14.02.2014 Changelog
« on: February 13, 2014, 07:57:17 PM »

- Fixed bug with the scoped perk.
- Fixed awareness quests and added one for teh vtecs, too.
- Fixed bug with the automap where if you explored a zone with one char and then made a new one, the automap still thinks you have been to that zone.
- Fixed and verified that you can now finally take a zone by letting the timer run out.
- Fixed bug with reputation not updating properly and giving wrong messages.
- Fixed Brahminboys patrols.
- Fixed stuck NPC's for real.
- Mobs no longer detect you through walls in random asses, and sneak should work there properly too.
- Traits fixed again.
- Random assignment retrieval of briefcase fix


- Increased spawnchance of relics and decreased that of leadership modules.
- Nerfed Slugger.
- Melee weapons various changes.
- Added Radios and Stealth boys to low tier medical merchant.
- Updated the minimap pics in the pipboy.
- Changed "Increase DR" and "Decrease DR" weapon traits from 50% to 60%.
- Stackable throw-able items (for example spears) now de-equip after being thrown.


- Implemented the new flags for ZC. Flag should properly update according to who controls the zone.


Changelogs / [BETA] 13.02.2014 Changelog
« on: February 13, 2014, 12:47:06 AM »

- Removed tutorial bugging cinematic. That should hopefully fix the client crash.
- Fixed rare contour color bug.
- Random Assignment Briefing fix.
- Some small fixes to NPC's. Should hopefully prevent blocked NPC's.


- Only tier 2 and 3 crafts have a chance to increase science/engineering.
- Quartered Weapon deterioration.
- Deathclaws speeds decreased.
- Grey Deathclaws pack sizes diminished.


- You can now buy containers in your faction HQ's. You can drop / rotate (using engineering) / remove them to inventory (using science), into your bases and rooms. They need to be empty to be rotated/removed to inventory. Not all containers can be rotated.

Changelogs / [BETA] 12.02.2014 Changelog
« on: February 12, 2014, 07:17:40 PM »

- Crowbar, club, pipe rifle and zip gun are now craftable/sciencable.
- Spears are hopefully finally fixed.
- Fixed blueprint dialogue text.
- Sharpened pole value set to 0.
- Fixed healing rate / lizard limbs.
- All Mobs now give exp - properly this time.
- Dialogue fixes.
- Map fixes.
- Fixed so that you cap a zone if timer runs out, even though nobody attacked you.
- Removed AC penalty from unaimed single shots.
- Some critical bug fix.


- Merged 7,62x54R/7N14 as well as .223 remington/5,56x45mm into one "caliber", meaning that 223 pistol can use 5,56 and dragunov can use normal 7,62x54R ammo of the PKS. One ammo type each is made for sniping, with higher price and AC modifier, but else no stat changes.
- Halved gun jam/explosion chance.
- Doubled spawn chance of high tier crafting components.
- Mobs item conditions have been reworked and in general, slightly improved. There is now also a little chance to drop guns in good condition.

Changelogs / [BETA] 11.02.2014 Changelog
« on: February 11, 2014, 05:09:27 PM »

- Fixed Retrieval missions, they now work.
- Countless dialogue fixes and spell checks.
- Countless map fixes.
- Various fixes to the tutorial.
- Humanoid creatures now give experience properly.
- Zone control should now be fixed. Participating in zone control grants reputation, caps and experience based on your score. You gain score and the resulting "Fame" by killing (or wounding/crippling) enemies and healing friends. Caps are automatically sent to your room.
- Added 'use' texts to knife and removed 'use' from sledge.
- Fixed leather armor fixboy 'error' bug.
- Fixed heavy handed/bruiser/char creation bug.
- A bunch of other critical bugs have been fixed.
- Supersledge now works as intended.
- fixed spear weaponmodes
- Fixed machete recipe
- Fixed aimscreen bug (hopefully)
- Fixed the science bug preventing from dismantling some items.
- Cars are properly lootable on all core maps now. They have a very small chance of spawning oil, too.


- Removed charisma limit for group world map travel.
- Guard Arrest temporarily removed, PvP disabled for now in HQ's
- Mines locations temporarily removed from WM.
- You now need 8000+ reputation to enter the structure of your HQ. You still get 10k rep when joining. If you get 2000 rep with another faction, you'll see their HQ on wm.
- Spore plants now use plant spikes and can drop fibers.
- Increased the chance for polymer to spawn. Polymers spawn... in the polymer lab. ;)
- Fixed so that Tier1 crafts appear always except when using science table
- Improved spawn rate of items in the Core.


- Basic random assignment briefings.
- Added holodisk screen to the pipboy.
- Added marker to the automaps: right click on the map to add, click again to remove it. (marker doesn't do anything, it's just to remember a spot in the core.)
- Chemical tables have been added in all HQ's. They're used to craft drugs and explosives.

Bug reports / Bug forum rules
« on: February 11, 2014, 01:02:11 PM »
Hello fellow Wastelanders, thanks for taking some time to report bugs you spot while traveling in Arizona. We'll do our best to solve them as soon as possible.

Bug report procedure:
  • Please have a look at other recent threads before posting anything, in case it was already reported.
  • Open one thread per bug.
  • Add the according tag in front of your thread title:
    - [CHAR] for character bugs.
    - [ITEM] for item or crafting bugs.
    - [MECH] for mechanic bugs.
    - [MAP] for map bugs.
    - [DLG] for dialogue bugs.
    - [AI] for mob bugs.
    - [MISC] for bugs that don't fit in any other category.
  • Describe bugs as precisely as required for us to fix them. Add screenshots if possible, even videos if you're able to and can't describe it easily with words.
  • Please don't keep bug exploits for yourself. It doesn't help your game at all. Rather report it to me via PM. We'll reward people reporting such abuses.

If you can't find some bug thread anymore, probably that's because it has been solved. Check the Resolved bugs section for it.

Technical Center / Game Client
« on: February 08, 2014, 06:14:37 PM »
[Google Drive]
[Alt Link]

While downloading, please have a look at the Game Rules.

  • Unpack the client archive where you want on your computer (except in Program Files which is protected and puts your game folder in 'Read only' mode, causing crashes on launch).
  • Launch updater.exe and press Check to download the last client updates (if any).
  • Launch the game using ClientDX.exe, and enjoy your adventure in Phoenix!
  • Min supported resolution: 1024x768 | Max supported resolution: 1920x1080
  • You can set your own native resolution and other options using FOConfig.exe.
  • You can set your own shortcuts using HotkeysConfig.exe or editing hotkeys.ini.
  • You can set your own interface prefrencess by editing settings.ini.
  • You can access in-game help by pressing F1.

If you got any problem to launch the client, or client crashes of any kind, please describe your issue and we'll do our best to solve it.

General Discussions / Alpha feedbacks
« on: March 22, 2013, 12:52:21 PM »
Hello everyone,

This message is of course addressed to our fellow former Alpha testers :p

If you got any more feedbacks about the game, its strong points, what you wish to see being developed, please share it here. I'd be glad to collect them, analyze what you think,  and gather them on the blog.

General Discussions / Alpha screens
« on: March 22, 2013, 11:55:35 AM »
Hi guys! If some of you made interesting screens during the Alpha, I'd be glad to gather them in a gallery.  So, if you got some, please share.

News & Announcements / 'No Name Yet' Team recruits!
« on: February 09, 2013, 10:47:34 AM »
Hello everyone!

Game development is a time-consuming process and you can't always do what you want, even despite all the motivation of the world. No Name Yet Team members are of course concerned as everyone. We started working in October 2012 and people have often to move forward, or stay away from the project for a long period, to handle insane personal matters that we can't ever imagine. 'Ah life, ya know my good sir.' Thus, in order to properly develop Ashes of Phoenix, we need to ensure that our team is still able to work efficiently on a daily basis, creating new game content and fixing spotted bugs.

So, we're regularly looking for different motivated people to join us and start working along on this exciting game. You can find more information about the current members of the team on our website page.

There are two ways to participate in the development of the game: you can apply as a Full Member of the the dev team, or as a Contributor. As a Full Member, you'll access to the development & game data's and have the right to add your ideas to the project. As a Contributor, you'll have access to a dedicated section of the forum and you'll be able to propose suggestions and often discuss with us. We'll also keep you informed of the available contributions and you'll pick up what you prefer. The goal of this Contributor status is to offer the possibility to lend us a hand without having to spend too much time on the project, if you can't or don't want to.

If you're interested, please send me a PM or an e-mail (, with as much information as you wish to provide about yourself, including:
  • Your experience in similar projects as ours, if any. You don't need to be a pro already, we'll help you progressing. But having already worked on a game or a mod would obviously help you a lot.
  • Your knowledge of the SDK and its tools. It's really important that you understand decently what we're working on. We suggest you to download FOnline TLA SDK (using Tortoise) and see what's in there before thinking about joining us. You can find info about SDK installation procedure over there.
  • What you would like to work on: it doesn't need to be that precise, and all tasks are not opened for more contributions, but it would be nice that you have already a strong idea of what you wanna help with: scripting; art; mapping; factions, characters and items design; dialogues... there is a lot to care about. We look for people to perform special tasks, but that doesn't mean you can't do anything else.
  • As our team is composed of people from many countries, it's important that you have a decent knowledge of English (written and spoken) in order to discuss with other members and participate to debates.
  • We do not ask any particular presence from our members, but it's obviously essential that you got enough free time to spend with us. Furthermore, if you need help to understand the whole shit, we want you to provide us something real in return. No promises. We do not have any time to lose :)
Don't forget to mention these five points in your applying message, as if you expect to be considered seriously you have to apply seriously as well. You don't need to write a novel though, especially if you apply for Contributor status.

Keep also in mind that every applicant to the team will have to go through a contribution period, in order for everyone to figure out if your goals and personality are compatible with ours. We have to ensure that the atmosphere remains good in the team and that we can work altogether, especially since no one here gets paid for his job. Thanks in advance!

We're currently looking for new team members and contributors to help us with the following tasks:
  • Scripter(s)/programmer(s) [Team membership]: the bane of every project, no programmer no game! Our programmers (Lidae and Cirn0) have a hard time fixing and improving the content, and we know players want more features added to the game. Having one or two more programmers would help us greatly to make sure that the content extends at a decent rate on the long term. You would start working on separated useful additions to the game before getting into more serious stuff. To apply, knowledge of AngelScript (the game language) is not required to apply, but knowing other languages would of course be helpful.

  • Map designer(s)/mapper(s) [Team membership or contribution]: extending the variety of the maps is also important for the game. Two people in the team are working on that aspect (John and Shangalar), but we're also working on many other tasks preventing us to spend the long required time on mapping at the moment. That's why we would appreciate help with new random assignments maps and assistance in order to introduce the new random encounter system. To apply, you'll need to show us your knowledge of the FOnline mapper tool, which is available with the FOnline SDK (see above).

  • Dialog writer(s) [Team membership or contribution]: we've barely covered all the NPCs of the headquarters, and there is much more we wanna do! We would really enjoy the help of a native English writer in order to fix, improve and extend our dialog list. That person would for a start bring more interactions with faction NPCs including small quests, and then assist us for the introduction of Phoenix inhabitants. An excellent knowledge of English is required as well as basic notions of dialog writing, we'll be able to teach you how to use the dialog editor tool if you need.

  • Sound/music composer [Contribution]: as you probably noticed, we recycled Mark Morgan's OST in Ashes of Phoenix. The thing is, we had a composer in the past but he disappeared without a word before even producing anything. We would really love a new dedicated soundtrack, that would fit better to the factions and the city. We would like you to link compositions to your application so that we can hear what you like/are able to produce.

  • Global forum moderators [Contribution]: game communities are vast and composed by people of multiple origins who have different opinions, but here we're also in a PvP game where players fought for a very long time against each other. We need neutral people to assist us in handling forums so we can spend our time on developing the game. This task is extremely sensible, that's why we'll take care with recruitment of moderators. We won't hire candidates we don't know, except if you can concretely prove us your experience in moderation. You also of course need an excellent knowledge of English to apply.
Thanks for reading and for your consideration, we'll keep the community informed of the recruitment evolution.

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