Game statistic

Game statistic gives you the list of top players in certain property or activity. Game statistic is shown in your pipboy.

  • Zone Control Legends - Highest Fame (total accumulated score during ZC)
  • PKs - Most player kills
  • AoP Addicts - Most XP
  • Carebears - Kinda cryptic, and also I think all the chars on that board are bugged / cheated by mistake. Anyway, the score is a measure of XP earned without having killed anything at all. Adds XP divided by total number of kills (+1).
  • Silent Assassins - Most kills while sneaking
  • Deadly Trappers - Most (player) kills with traps
  • Wasteland Scientists - Most items scienced. It adds item cost/10. So sciencing more expensive stuff gives more score.
  • Veterinarians - Most total HP healed on animals
  • Scavengers - Most containers scavenged. For technical reasons, some container types can't be counted. It's currently only containers that can be opened, and also lootable sceneries. You also only get score for opening containers if you are the first to do so since it last spawned stuff. So opening and closing the same locker repeatedly will not give any score.
  • Engineers - Most items repaired
  • Unlucky Gunners - Most weapon jams and misfires
  • Nightkins - Most time spent sneaking in the core
  • Longest Killing Spree - Most players killed without dying
  • Scrooges - Most caps (in your room)
  • Biggest Swarms - Not implemented
  • Diplomats - Highest reputation with all factions combined, not counting your own.
  • Daily Darwin Award - Don't want to explain the exact formula for this, but let's just say it's a measure of "kurwa / second".
  • Most Legendary Weapons - Weapons gain score during ZC. When they have enough, they become legendary and you can name them. The ones with the most score, together with it's current owner (not necessarily the one who made it legendary), is tracked here.
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