(Medium) machine guns

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Medium Machine Guns belong to the Big Guns skill and are mostly defensive weapons, with focus on multi-target damage and suppressive fire. They always shoot a full power rifle cartridge like the 7.62x51mm NATO round and are belt-fed with a magazine size of 100. They lack a single shot fire mode and instead have a primary full-auto mode and a secondary burst mode.

The full-auto mode has a lower spread and higher 1hex parameter than the burst mode, as well as a faster animation time. However, it is subject to deployment. While the full-auto mode seems to have a very high AP cost, it is actually halved after the weapon has been deployed by pressing 'D'. As long as the player remains stationary, doesn't move and is not knocked back, the AP cost of the first firemode is halved, usually resulting in an AP cost lower than 50 which in turns means it can take full advantage of the lowered animation time typical for full-auto fire modes. The AP needed to deploy the weapon is specified as aim time in the full description of the weapon in the inventory screen.

The burst mode on the other hand is not affected by deployment and always remains at about the 65AP mark. It has a pretty wide spread and at longer ranges, more than 5 targets could be hit and suppressed simultaneously. The damage per target however, especially when taking into account the high AP cost and fast ammo consumption, is pretty weak and it is advised to switch to another weapon when there are not too many enemies grouped up or proper deployment to use full-auto mode is not possible.

List of Medium Machine Guns

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