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Title: [BETA] 14.02.2014 Changelog
Post by: Shangalar on February 13, 2014, 07:57:17 PM

- Fixed bug with the scoped perk.
- Fixed awareness quests and added one for teh vtecs, too.
- Fixed bug with the automap where if you explored a zone with one char and then made a new one, the automap still thinks you have been to that zone.
- Fixed and verified that you can now finally take a zone by letting the timer run out.
- Fixed bug with reputation not updating properly and giving wrong messages.
- Fixed Brahminboys patrols.
- Fixed stuck NPC's for real.
- Mobs no longer detect you through walls in random asses, and sneak should work there properly too.
- Traits fixed again.
- Random assignment retrieval of briefcase fix


- Increased spawnchance of relics and decreased that of leadership modules.
- Nerfed Slugger.
- Melee weapons various changes.
- Added Radios and Stealth boys to low tier medical merchant.
- Updated the minimap pics in the pipboy.
- Changed "Increase DR" and "Decrease DR" weapon traits from 50% to 60%.
- Stackable throw-able items (for example spears) now de-equip after being thrown.


- Implemented the new flags for ZC. Flag should properly update according to who controls the zone.