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List of Weapon Traits or list of Weapon Perks

Weapon Traits

Weapon traits are effects, positive or negative, that are Inherited by the weapon. Almost all weapons have weapon traits except tier 1 weapons. They cannot be changed or removed.

Here are a list of Weapon Traits -

Weapon Trait Effect
20% chance to knockdown
Each bullet has 3% chance to suppress all targets within burst range (even if it doesn't hit)
+1 Perception for sight bonus calculations. (+2 with Four Eyes trait)
AP Drain
20% chance that target will lose 15 action points
Djibouti Shooty
Torso shots with this weapon uses critical chance
This weapon will recursively attack additional targets within 2 radius range
Graviton (Weapon Trait)
Knockback direction caused by this weapon will be reversed
Unstable Graviton
Knockback direction caused by this weapon will be random
Nature's Peace
Prevents victims from being able to be resurrected
Super Knockback
100% chance to cause knockback. This knockback is also much longer than normal.
Super Knockout
100% chance to knockout target.
Limb Shredder
10% chance to roll vs targets endurance to cripple random limb
Auto Knockdown
100% chance to knockdown
Silent Attack
Attacking with this weapon doesn't desneak you
Spray and Pray
The number of projectiles that may hit a single target decreases with the square of the distance to the target. This allows you to hit many targets with few bullets at longer ranges, while concentrating the damage to a single target at close ranges.
Partial Reload
Reloading AP cost depends on how much ammo needs to be loaded.
Double Tap
This weapon is well suited to the double-tap shooting technique, which allows you to fire multiple times in a quick succession. In game terms, your extra AP regen doesn't pause during the weapon animation
Increased DR
The damage resistance of the target is increased by 60%
Decreased DR
The damage resistance of the target is decreased by 60%
Decreased DT
The damage threshold of the target is decreased by 60%.
This weapon is reliable.Weapon jams and misfires are 25% less likely
This weapon is unreliable. It is 25% more likely to jam or misfiring.
This weapon is durable. It deteriorates 25% slower
This weapon is fragile. It deteriorates 25% faster.
Critical Strike
Torso shots with this weapon use aimed Critical chances.
Single Action
After each firing of the weapon, manual action is required to ready the weapon again.
Accurate Bursts
When perfoming targeted bursts with this weapon, only the target will be hit with the bullets.
Field Inhibitorr
Damage scales based on distance reaching max damage at 33% range.
Locked Gauntlet
The weapon is glued to you! Don't have to worry about dropping it.
This weapon has the ability to disturb electronic equipment.
This weapon can fire over walls and buildings but cannot be at or from indoors.
The weapon is capable of shooting through walls; no safe rooms anywhere!

Weapon Perks

All weapons have 5 perks that unlock when you are proficient enough with the corresponding weapon skill. Small Guns, Big Guns, Energy Weapons and Hand-to-Hand Combat weapons unlock new perks at skill levels 150, 175, 200, 225 and 250. Throwing weapons, Sneak weapons and items such as First aid kits and Doctor bags unlock perks at skill levels 100, 125, 150, 175 and 200. To see a list of perks for Kits or bags, go to Item Perks & Traits.

Different weapons and items unlock different perks. Here's the list of perks that can be unlocked:

Weapon Perk Effect
Faster Reload With each rank you reload weapons 10% faster than normal.
Bonus Damage 5% more damage.
KnockBack 20% chance to knock back.
Suppression Each bullet has a +3% chance to suppress all targets within burst range even if it doesn't hit.
Accurate +30% hit chance.
Bonus Ranged Damage +2 damage per bullet.
Hit the Gaps -10 to DR% and DT.
Ignore Armor Class Ignores 10 armor class.
More Criticals +2% base critical chance.
Better Criticals +1 to critical power. Doesn't affect the chance to cause criticals.
More Bleed +30% chance to cause bleed.
Better Bleed +20% bleed strength.
Reliable Weapon jams and misfires are 25% less likely.
Knockout Strike 10% more likely to cause knockouts.
Better Knockouts +0.6s knockout duration.
Slower Deterioration Condition reduces 25% slower.
Blinding Strike 10% more likely to cause eye damage.
Crippling Strike 10% more likely to cripple arms or legs.
Piercing Strike 10% more likely to cause armor bypass. Also, bypass is stronger by 15% if one is caused.
Finisher If target is suffering from temporary effects (suppression, disoriented, winded, KO) this perk increases the critical damage multiplier if the target fails a roll against intelligence and luck.
More Spread Increases weapon spread by 2.
Less Spread Reduces weapon spread by 2.
Better One-Hex Increases one-hex damage by 5. This makes bursting at close range more devastating to individual targets.
Bonus Rate of Fire -5% to action point cost to use weapon.
Silent Death Attacking from behind while sneaking with this weapon causes double damage.
More Area of Effect Increase area effect by 1 radius
Deep Wounds +35% Bleed coefficient on Critical hit
Hemorrhage +20% Bleed Coefficient
More Dakka 20% more bullets in a burst
Slaughter Shot 20% more Critical Damage.
Quick Scope 33% less AP required for Aimed Shots.
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