Weapon Perks

Weapon Perks consists of 5 perks. Which are the same for each specific weapon. For example, an AK-47 will always have the Hit The Gaps Bonus Ranged Damage Bonus Rate of Fire Bonus Ranged Damage Hit The Gaps perks. However, unlike Weapon Traits which are present all the time, Weapon Perks have to be unlocked by increasing the specific skill the gun specializes in. For example. The AK-47 is Small Guns. Thus, increasing the skill will unlock the perks. From a skillvalue of 150 up to 250, each 25 points you unlock a perk. That means. On 150 Points, you unlock the first perk. On 175, you unlock the second perk. And so on up to 250, where the last perk is unlocked.

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