Solar Scorcher

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For those green planet eco friendly boys and girls, we bring you the Solar Scorcher

Solar Scorcher
Without the sun's rays to charge this weapon's cpacitors this gun can't light a match.However, in full daylight, the experimental photo-electric cells that power the Scorcher allow it to turn almost anything into a crispy critter
Damage 35-55(single)
Single AP: 50
Range: 60
Reload AP:27
Ammo Sunlight
Traits Double Tap
Weapon Perks 3x Hit The Gaps
2x Bonus Damage
Damage type Fire
Strength required 3
Type One-Handed
Weight 2500 grams
Base price N/A
Tier 2
Crafting table
Solars.png 1x
Requirements Energy Weapon Blueprints
Resources 3x Components
3x Alloys
3x Junk
2x Metal Parts
6x Electronic Parts
Tools Workbench
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