Salvaged Power Armor

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The Salvaged Power Armor Construction set can be obtained from the Final boss in the Paradise Valley dungeon. Or you can get the Power Armor via Epic Loot vendor in your faction base for 5 power armor fragments and 4000 caps

Salvaged Power Armor
Power Armor salvaged from the wasteland. Techs strip out the joint servos so you don't need special training to wear it. It feels like you're carrying a brahmin on your back, but it can take a heck of a lot of punishment.
Damage Type Damage Threshold/Resistance
Normal 30/65%
Laser 16/70%
Fire 31/50%
Plasma 29/60%
Electric 20/65%
Explode 20/65%
Traits 2x Malus Rate of Fire
2x Harder to Heal
Tin Can
Power Armor (trait)
Weight 130000 Grams
Tier 3
Crafting table
Requirements Salvaged Power Armor Construction Set
Resources 80x Components
80x Alloys
80x Metal Parts
6x Polymers
6x Ceramic Plates
15x Power Armor Fragment
Tools None
XP None
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