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Gut your enemies out with a ripper! What makes it unique is that you can make your opponents bleed out to death!

Note:You cannot aim the Ripper

A Ripper(TM) vibroblade, powered by a small energy cell, the chain blade rips and tears into it's target.
Damage 45 - 65 (Swing)
Bleed Chance:65%
Bleed damage:65
Swing AP: 20
Range: 1
Traits AP Drain
3x Limb Shredder
Decreased DR
Weapon Perks Bonus Damage
More Criticals
More Bleed
Better Bleed
Hit the Gaps
Damage type Normal
Strength required 4
Type One-Handed
Weight 1500 grams
Base price N/A
Tier 2
Crafting table
x 1
Requirements Melee Weapon Blueprints
Resources 4 x Alloys
3 x Electronic Parts
3 x Junk
7 x Metal Parts
2 x Ceramic Plate
Tools Workbench
XP 250
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