Random assignments

All factions provide missions to their members in order to dominate the region. In all headquarters, you'll find NPC's proposing assignments. One of them stands on the structure and another is in the heart, proposing more difficult assignments.

Assignments are missions you can take when you wish, but only one at a time. Accepting a mission opens a new location somewhere around your headquarters in which you'll have to achieve predefined objectives.

The cooldown once you finish an assignment is 10 minutes, and upon failing an assignment there is a 45 minute cooldown penalty.

Assignment types

You'll be able to choose between 5 different missions at a time, that pool being regularly refreshed. More details will be given in game by the assignment giver.

  • Search & Destroy: you'll have to find chemical tankers around a camp and destroy them. Killing enemies also counts in the progression.
  • Assassination: you'll have to find VIP's around a camp and kill them. They sometimes have bodyguards and the whole enemy force is stronger in this scenario.
  • Retrieval: You'll have to find and retrieve a various amount of intel suitcases.

More scenarios are in preparation.


Difficulty is randomized by multiple parameters and is summarized by a letter. 'F' assignments are the easiest, 'SSS' the hardest.

Those parameters are:

  • Mob number
  • Mob strength
  • Mob aggro capability
  • Mob assistance capability
  • Trap number
  • Trap power
  • Door presence
  • Random patrol frequency
  • Objective number
  • Available time to succeed
  • ...

Note that an 'F' assignment can sometimes be more difficult than an 'E' one. The reason for that is the randomization of those parameters. For example, you can have a mission in which mobs are more numerous or more powerful but also less efficient to spot you or to help each other.


When you complete an assignment, you obtain a reward made of caps, reputation points and experience points. You don't need to accomplish 100% of the objectives to actually succeed a mission, but your reward will be affected by your level of completion.

  • You can take missions as a group if your mates are nearby and tagged on the character taking the mission. Reward will be divided between members of the group.
  • Win or lose a mission, you won't be able to take another one for the next 10 minutes.
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