Player Status

Player status are things that affect your character. All of them are usually bad for you because you can either be bleeding out, poisoned, suppressed, or winded which gives the enemies an advantage on you. Also being crippled is almost the worst thing that can happen to you. There are also others such as defibrillated, or bandaged.



Bleed is a new stat impacting your HP. Many different weapons inflict bleed and the effect is damage received over time depending on the amount of bleed you suffer from. As you receive damage, bleed diminishes towards normal (0).

Bleed resistance increase the time between two bleeding ticks. It does NOT decrease the total Bleed damage you will get. Bandages and Tourniquets, stop and remove bleeding. Doctor skill can also help.

Running or even Walking makes you lose blood more often.

Time between bleeding tick is : 1 + log10( 1 + ([BLEED_RESISTANCE] / 10 )) seconds

Disoriented and Winded Icon disoriented.png Icon winded.png

Those are critical hit effects.

  • Their default duration is 5 seconds though some special items can extend it.
  • If active, those effects are represented on your interface.

Disoriented - Lowers your sight range and hit chance resulting in a temporary blind.

Winded - Knocks the wind out of you, making you unable to run for a short amount of time.

SuppressionIcon suppressed.png

Suppression is an effect mainly inflicted by miniguns and heavy machine guns. Suppression makes you keep your head down, making you unable to run.

  • Default suppression duration is 5 seconds, though some special items can make it last longer.
  • Suppression symbol is displayed on your interface.

Poison Icon poison.png

When you're poisoned, you have -20 bleed resistance, -20 critical resistance, and -27 Healing Rate and disable healing rate bonuses from food and leadership module. You heal one point of poison each healing tick (every 5 seconds). There are many things that can poison in the core, such as dogs, mantis, radscorpions, and sometimes pig rats . In order to cure your poison, you can either wait (depending on how severe it is, it will take time) or take an Antidote or two.


When you are bandaged, first aid is less effective. The percentage shown is how much less healing you get. You become bandaged after using first aid skill on yourself, 1% bandaged for each 3 HP or for 6 HP if you have Faith Healer. It is displayed at the top right corner of screen your current % of bandaged.


When the defibrillator timer is active, you are unable to be revived. This takes effect after being revived.

Crippled & Blind Injury head.png Injury larm.png Injury lleg.png

Being crippled or blind is another critical hit effects. Possible body parts being crippled are Both legs, both arms and blind. You can heal being crippled by using the Doctor skill on yourself.

Crippling now goes in 3 levels.

  • Level 1 Crippling is minor effect.
  • Level 2 Crippling apply heavy limitation.
  • Level 3 Crippling is even stronger effect than the basic crippling.
  • Each level will apply effect that will stack with the others.

Cripple Effects
Body part effect per level 1st Level 2nd Level 3rd Level
Eye -25% accuracy - PE set to 1 -
Leg -1.38 AP+ regen
+10% knockdown
+20% bleed coefficient for leg cripples
-25% move speed forced walking -
Arm -2 str. weapon check
+10% weapon drop
- unable to use 2h weapons -
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