Plasma Rifle

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Plasma Rifle
A Winchester Model P94 Plasma Rifle. An industrial grade energy weapon, firing superheated bolts of plasma down a superconducting barrel.
Damage 62-82(single)
Single AP: 24
Range: 35
Reload AP:35
Traits Double Tap
Nature's Peace
Weapon Perks Better Criticals
2x Bonus Damage
Hit the Gaps
More Criticals
Damage type Plasma
Ammo Micro Fusion Cells
Strength required 6
Type Two-Handed
Weight 4000 grams
Base price NA
Tier 2
Crafting table
Plasma.gif x1
Requirements Energy Weapon Blueprints
Resources 5x Metal Parts
2x Alloys
5x Junk
6x Electronic Parts
1x Plasma Claw
Tools Workbench
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