Misfires and Jams

Misfires and Jams occur when the Item condition has reached a certain threshold for your weapon. Jams and misfires are more common when using sustained fire, or bursting. The AK-47 series and all of its counterparts have the Reliable trait which reduces the chance of failure by 25%.

Jams occur in the real world in a variety of ways, but in Ashes of Phoenix it means you cannot fire your weapon until it's cleared.

Misfires happen when the condition of the gun has deteriorated so much so that trying to contain the explosive force from a bullet rips it apart. You will take damage based on the weapon and ammo you were using.

The base chances for all weapons to misfire/jam are:

Above 75% Condition: 1% chance to jam

50-75% Condition: 5% chance to jam

25-50% condition: 10% chance to jam, 1% chance to misfire.

1-25% Condition: 10% chance to jam, 5% chance to misfire

Regular weapon maintenance is an important part of survival. Your next shot may depend on it.

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