Leadership Modules

Leadership modules could be activated by the squad leader or fireteam leader from the cheapboy. If the squad is valid, they provide boosts to every member including commander. Only 3 modules could be activated at once.

Those bonuses could be:

Name Apply on Base Boost Value
Sun Tzu Hit Points Base Boost Value is 3.2 HP
Jiang Ziya Healing Rate, Limb Regeneration Base Boost Value is 3% Limb Regen, 1 Healing Rate
Sima Rangju Armor Class +2 Armor Class
Wu Qi Carry Weight +2 kg Carry Weight
Wei Liao Damage Resistance +1 Damage Converted to Bleed
Zhang Liang Critical Resistance +1 Critical Resistance
Li Jing Critical Strength +1 Critical Strength
Alexander the Great Critical Perception +1 Critical Perception
Chandragupte Maurya Critical Endurance +1 Critical Endurance
Hannibal Critical Agility +1 Critical Agility
Qin Shi Huang Less Chance to be Suppressed -2% to chance to be Suppressed
Julius Caesar Bleed Resistance 2% Bleed Resistance
Zhuge Liang Less Severe Armor Bypasses 1% Less Severe Armor Bypasses
Khalid ibn al-Walid Shorter Knockouts 60ms Shorter Knockouts
Cyrus the Great Sight Range +1.6 to Sight Range
Alfred Thayer Mahan Chance to AP Drain +2% to chance to cause Action Point Drain
Genghis Khan Critical Chance +1% Critical Chance
Napoleon Bonaparte Better Bleed +2% Better Bleed
Clausewitz More Bleed +2% More Bleed
Jomini Damage With Fire 2% Damage with Fire
Robert E.Lee More Suppression +2% More Suppression
Ulysses S.Grant Faster Reloads -1% Reload Action Points
William Tecumseh Sherman AP for killing +20 Action Points for killing
Helmut von Moltke Run Speed -2 Run time
Alfred von Schlieffen AP restore +10s Action Points per 100s
Hans Delbrück Weapon AP Cost -1% Weapon AP Cost
Winston Churchill Knockout Duration 60ms
Guilio Douhet Better Armor Bypasses 1%

Each point of any of the critical defence values (e.g. Critical Perception) equals 5% showed by GUI.

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