Impact Gloves

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A dangerous looking device. Best to stay away if you see someone with it.

Impact Gloves
Impact gloves.png
Gloves with pistons built in it. More than doubles the force behind a punch.
Damage 45 - 70 (Punch)
Punch AP: 20
Range: 1
Reload AP: None (bugged)
Traits Auto Knockdown
Weapon Perks 2x Bonus Damage
Hit the Gaps
2x Hit The Gaps
Damage type Normal
Ammo Small or Weak Energy Cells
Strength required 1
Type One-Handed
Weight 3000 grams
Base price N/A
Tier 2
Crafting table
Impact gloves.png x 1
Requirements Melee Weapon Blueprints
Resources 3x Components
5x Metal Parts
1x Robotic Hand
2x Junk
2x Alloys
Tools Workbench
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