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Several merchants are available into factions' headquarters. Merchants sell different categories of equipment, and they always accept caps as payment. They also barter against equipment at certain conditions:

List of the Family Merchants

List of the Lawyers Merchants

List of the Brahmin Boys Merchants

List of the V-Technologists Merchants

  • Merchants buy equipment of the same categories as they're selling. So, an armorer will buy armors, a weapon dealer will buy guns, a doctor will buy medical supplies etc.
  • Merchants offer 20% of the item base value when you're selling. You'll get better prices as you raise your persuasion skill.
  • Merchants never buy Tiers 1 equipment. There is one exception (see below).

Merchants accept all condition items up to normal quality at this price formula:
Value = Item Cost * Deterioration * Quality
Deterioration is a multiplier from 1 to 0 based on the %. (50% deteriorated item will be 0.5).
Quality Coefficients
Perfect : 2x
Outstanding : 1.5x
Cool : 1x
Better: .5x
Normal: .25x
Will not accept items worse than Normal.

The merchants will have a better supply if :

  • Your faction owns all 3 zones a faction's gate.
  • Your faction owns more than 6 zones.

In all headquarters you'll find:

  • One merchant selling lower quality equipment and crafting materials, and buying almost everything. He is usually located near the entrance.
  • One merchant selling weapons of all types and of Tiers 2 quality.
  • One merchant selling armors.
  • One merchant selling weapons and armors of high quality. He requires a high reputation with your faction to accept trading.
  • One merchant selling ammo, only for caps. Ammo's are sold in boxes of determined sizes, depending on the ammo type.
  • One merchant selling drugs, healing items and bandages of lower quality.
  • One merchant selling drugs, healing items and bandages of high quality. He requires a high reputation with your faction to accept trading.
  • One merchant selling food.
  • One merchant selling drinks.
  • You'll also find a trader accepting all your collectible items and paying them in caps.
  • Finally, you'll find a responsible of the crafting able to provide you kevlar, fuses, oil and such special crafting components, only for caps.

Faction currency:

  • Each faction uses its own type of currency in addition to normal caps.
  • Your faction payout is paid in faction specific currency.
  • The ZC merchant only accepts faction currency from its own faction.
  • ZC Participation Rewards are retrieved from Becky.
Faction Currency
Brahmin Boys Family Vault Tec Lawyers
Brahminc.png Familyc.png Vaultc.png Lawyerc.png

Here are a list of merchants in each faction headquarters.


The Family Merchants

The Lawyer Merchants

The Brahmin Boys Merchants

  • Pat - Weapon Seller
  • Fly - Low Tier Ammo Seller
  • Dan - Armor Seller
  • Ralph - Ammo Seller [Boxes]
  • Son of Bob - Ghoul that sells food
  • Ed Nelson - Drink seller
  • Willy - Midget, crap for caps
  • Erika - Low tier medical supplier
  • Doug - Artifacts for blueprints
  • Lloyd - Founder of Pink Floyd (Buys HQ Weapons/Armors)
  • Crafting Foreman - Sells crafting materials
  • Otto - HQ Supplier

The V-Technologists Merchants

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