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Drugs are consumable items that alter a characters statistics for a set period of time. In contrast to Fallout, there are three different types of status-altering consumables: Short lasting drugs, long lasting drugs and food.

The major differences are that there is no permament addiction, meaning there are no negative effects once the drug's cycle has been completed once. All drugs also come with strong negative side effects, generally outweighing the positive effects.

  • Strength and Endurance gained from drugs will NOT increase the character's Hitpoints
  • Only one drug of each class can be active at a time, e.g. one Buffout and one Voodoo. It is not possible to stack two drugs of the same class or even the same drug.

Class A (long lasting)

These drugs last for 60 minutes and their purpose is to enable a character to better fulfill a role that it was not optimized for. As an example, a typical Big Guns build, made for close combat with low PE, IN and LK but high ST and EN can use Mentats, sacrificing its strength in order to increase its long range fighting capabilities, gaining a noticeable boost to sight range and critical hits while losing defensive stats.

In general, these drugs come with great disadvantages and a true sniper will always perform better in a sniping role than a drugged brawler.

Class B (short lasting)

Instead of having 2 different phases of a high and a withdrawal, Class B drugs combine incredibly strong positive and negative effects into a 2minute long rush. This makes them highly situational and risky to use. All drugs from this class have a 30 seconds aftereffect after its initial effects wear off.


All types of food currently apply a boost to Healing Rate, by doubling it. It is possible to eat up to 4 food items to stack the buff and it work for 10 minutes.

Class A (60 Minutes)

Name Effect Craft Resources
+3 Strength
+2 Endurance
-2 Agility
-1 Luck
-30 Healing Rate
Batch of 10x
80x Broc Flower
10x Deathclaw Meat
+3 Perception
+2 Intelligence
-2 Strength
-10 Bleed Resistance
-15 Healing Rate
Batch of 10x
40x Xander Root
40x Red Mutfruit
Blood Moon
Blood moon.png
+2 Agility
+20 Critical Chance
-20 Critical Resistance
-20 Bleed Resistance
Batch of 10x
60x Red Mutfruit
20x Green Mutfruit
4x Scorpion Egg
+10% Hit Chance
-50% Hit-Chance Malus on Aimed Shots
-2 Strength
-2 Agility
-10 Critical Chance
Batch of 10x
20x Xander Root
10x Broc Flower
1x Chemicals

Class B (2 Minutes)

Name Effect Craft Resources
+10 Action Point+ Regeneration
-5% Maximum Hit Chance
70 Maximum AP instead of 100
(Normal AP Regen 7 instead of 10)
30 seconds AP Drain effect after wear off
Batch of 10x
10x Green Mutfruit
1x Chemicals
+2 Strength
20% Damage taken converted into Bleed
-3 Perception
-10 Bleed Resistance
30 seconds Disoriented effect after wear off
Batch of 10x
2x Chemicals
10x Red Mutfruit
10x Xander Root
+20% Running Speed (1hex per second)
10 Flat Damage Taken converted to Bleed
-3 Luck
-2 Critical Protection
30 seconds Winded effect after wear off
Batch of 10x
10x Green Mutfruit
10x Broc Flower
1x Scorpion Tail
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