Crafting Materials

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There are many crafting materials needed in order to craft items. You can craft items from the dull Knife to the powerful Plasma Rifle. If you're looking to protect yourself, you can also craft a simple Leather Jacket to the almighty Support Combat Armor Mark III. For more info on crafting, go look at the Crafting system page.

Most of these crafting materials can be looted from the core. Some you have to buy from merchants such as Kevlar, Oil Cans, Chemical Components, or a fuse.

Here's a list of current crafting materials :

Components Metal Parts Junk Wood Fibers
Alloys Flint Electronic Parts Heavy Pipes Long Pipes
Metal Pipe Short Pipes Oil Can Fuse Chitin Scraps
Empty Bottle Capacitor Bottle with Water Scorpion Tail Polymers
Scope 4x Scope 6x Scope 8x Spring Plasma Claw
Robotic Hand Kevlar Chemical Components Gecko Pelt Golden Gecko Pelt
Fire Gecko Pelt Brahmin Skin Deathclaw Hide Drum Magazine Energy Transformer
Ceramic Plate Hexogen Xander Root Broc Flower Diatomite
Red Mutfruit Scorpion Egg Antidote TNT Poison (Bottle)
Green Mutfruit Empty Hypodermic Nuka-Cola Motor Rot Gut

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