The CheapBoy 1999c comes as cheap junk-made version of the good old Pipboy designed by Vault-Tec. It became within the last ten years the most used personal smart hand computer in Arizona.

Original conception : Unknown, an urban legend talk about a famous post-nuke designer named "Kink[dot]com" living around Phoenix.

Production : Since the design was easily studied by reverse-engineering, most of the factions of Phoenix now produce their own versions of the Cheapboy. Needless to say, most often in poorer quality.

Operating System : CheapBoy 1.999c, license activation required for some features unidentified.

You can access your Cheapboy everywhere and anytime pushing the "P" key.

Cheapboy Functions

The Cheapboy provides many different features, and more are regularly conceived by factions in order to improve the survivability of their representatives.

Archives: provides you information about weapon/armor perks/traits effects, among other things.

Assisted targeting system: allows you to select the limb you'll target when shooting on anything, and the bonuses/costs of targeting any limb.

Automap: shows you real time status in Phoenix controlled quarters. See the Automap page.

Hall of Fame: provides information about the best characters around Phoenix. And main targets to kill at the same occasion.

Holodisks: allows you to stock and manage your holodisks data.

Quests: gathers the information about your missions.

Squads: shows the members and status of player squads tagged on a leader and allows to manage them. See the Squads/Leadership page.

Status: shows your physical status, crippled limbs and a multitude of other information as a complement of the main UI.

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