Cattle Prod

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A classic Fallout Weapon. Turn your enemies into ash piles! Can be upgraded to the Super Cattle Prod.

Cattle Prod
Fo1 Cattle Prod.png
A farmers best friend model cattle prod from Wattz Electronics. Uses small energy cells for power.
Damage 105 - 160 (Thrust)
65 - 85 (Swing)
Swing AP: 30
Range: 1
Thrust AP: 55
Range: 1
Recharge (Reload) 50 AP
Traits AP Drain
Weapon Perks 4x Bonus Damage
Hit the Gaps
Damage type Electrical
Ammo Small or Weak energy cells
Strength required 4
Type Two-Handed
Weight 1500 grams
Base price NA
Tier 2
Crafting table
Fo1 Cattle Prod.png
x 1
Requirements  ???
Resources 2 x Alloys
2 x Electronic Parts
4 x Junk
5 x Metal Parts
1 x Energy Transformer
Tools Workbench
XP  ???
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