Burst mechanics

Bursting Mechanics & Spread

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Each burst weapon has it's own One hex value. That's the fraction of bullets that may hit a target at point blank range, the rest of the bullets passing through with a chance to hit other targets. Most weapons have a One hex value that is significantly smaller than 100%, for example miniguns have a one hex value of only 25%. Meaning that only 1/4 of the burst has a chance to hit other targets (Shotguns obviously perform differently in regards to spread.)

BulletsHitCoefficient = ((TargetDistance-1)*(TargetDistance-1)*(15000 - WeaponSpread*WeaponMaxDist*OneHexValue)) / (WeaponSpread*WeaponMaxDist*WeaponMaxDist*WeaponMaxDist) + OneHexValue;

If target is in a armor with the Massive trait then:

BulletsHitCoefficient *= 2;

BulletsHitCoefficient is always a value between 1 and 100.

The total rounds that can potentially hit is:

PotentialBurst = (RoundsBursted * BulletsHitCoefficient ) / 100;

In general, WeaponSpread dictates the rate at which range affects the amount of bullets hit. The lower the spread, the further you can hit with most of your burst, vice versa for the opposite.

The higher the OneHex value, the more the total amount of bullets that can hit a target will be.

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