Beginner guide: Installation

On this page you will find instruction on how to install Fonline - Ashes of Phoenix



  • 1 GB of HDD space

How to install

  • 2: Unpack the downloaded file (For example : "C:/Game/Aop-Client")

  • 3: Execute the Updater (For example : "C:/Game/AoP-Client/Updater.exe") and click on "Check"
  • 4: Open 'FOConfig.exe' to adjust the Server IP. Click on the 'Net' Tab. There, put the host on 'play.fonline-aop.net', save. You can also adjust some other, vital settings in the Configurator.
    Config to set
    The game is now fully installed. It is now time to configure it further and start it!


  • Execute FOConfig (For example : "C:/Game/AoP-Client/FOConfig.exe") : Choose your resolution in the video tab. Your resolution should be greater or equal to 1024*768 and smaller or equal to 1920*1080

  • Execute HotKeysConfig (For example : "C:/Game/AoP-Client/HotKeysConfig.exe") : Use this utility tool to configure your keyboard shortcuts or to discover the existing ones.

You are now ready to play ! Launch Fonline ! (For example : "C:/Game/AoP-Client/ClientDX.exe")


  • I have a black screen
If you have a black screen try to delete the cache directory. This directory is located under the data directory (For example : "C:/Game/AoP-Client/data/cache"). Then restart the game when server is online.
  • I have an OpenGL error
If you run the game on old hardware you could encounter OpenGL error when the game starts. If it is the case you can download here a directX version of the client.
  • It does not work
If you followed all the steps of this document and the game is not running properly, please go to the technical center. Maybe someone already faced the same issue ? If not feel free to create a new topic.

Next Step : Character creation

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