Beginner guide: Discover the world

Learn everything on how to explore the world and interact with it.


Explore the world

In Ashes of Phoenix you will explore the city of Phoenix and the desert around it. Time to discover how to move and configure your view.


To move your character you first need to set your cursor in moving mode. To switch the cursor mode use the right click of the mouse. To move to a position left click on it when you are on the moving mode.

Cursor move.png

Move cursor if you can reach the position

Cursor movenot.png

Move cursor if you can't reach the position (red cross inside it)

Some other keys are usefull for moving:

  • "," allows you to stop and rotate your character.
  • "Shift + click" allows you to walk instead of running. Good for minefield\sneaking.

Exit grid

The main way to leave the location and enter the world map is to set your foot onto exit grid tiles.

Exit brown.png

With the brown exit grid you will exit to the world map

Exit green.png

With the green exit grid you will enter an other map


Move camera : Use the arrow keys of the keyboard or move mouse to the edge of the screen to move the camera.

Zoom : Press "z" key and scroll to zoom (or hold "z" and press "Pg up\dwn"). Your camera will never be able to see outside of a map's border so you will not be able to unzoom if your camera is stuck in a map border.


In AoP you have to manage your sight of view. It is important to know what you can or can't see when you are in-game.

Line green.png

Line of sight : Use the Q key to show/hide the line of sight. This green line, influenced by your perception and obstacles show you the area you see. If someone is outside this area you will not see him.

Line white.png

weapon maximum efficiency line : When you have a weapon, use the W key to display the white line. This will show you the area where you have maximal hit chance.

Line red.png

weapon maximum range line : When you have a weapon, use the W key to display the red line. This will show you the maximum range of your weapon.

Line spread.png

weapon spread cone : When you use shotgun or burst mode not all of your bullets will follow the same direction. Press Ctrl to display the spread cone ; any of your friends inside that zone will get hurt if you shoot ! ( You need to set "weapon max efficient range" on )

World map

The world map is used to navigate between different locations around Phoenix. The world map will be displayed once you leave any local map ( by using brown exit grid for example )

World map abstract.png

1. Green spots: These spots are locations where you can enter a map. ( The map of your headquarters, the map of the phoenix entrance, ... )
2. Your position: This icon shows your current location
3. Phoenix: This is the city of Phoenix. You can cross it on the world map and have to enter the city using one the four gates.

Just double click when you are over a position to enter it. You can enter the desert at any place you want ( Green dots are not mandatory ) to discover random map.

Interact with the world

To interact with the world you need to set your cursor in the interaction mode. Use right click to switch from move mode to interaction mode.

Cursor action.png
The default cursor in interaction mode

Action talk.png
Shows when you can talk to someone. Click to start talking.

Action look.png
Get additional information about something. Click to see information in the log section

Action action.png
Do something ; open a door, close a chest,...

If you long click on someone (player or npc) the interaction menu will drop allowing you to define what exactly you want to do :

Action menu.png

1. Look : Have more information about the character. Displayed in the log area.

2. Move : If you are close to one character you can switch your position with its. (Usefull when someone block a door for example )

3. Inventory : If you want to use an object of your inventory on someone ( For example : using a steampack or a defibrilator )

4. Skill : If you want to use a skill on this character ( First aid, Doctor, ... ). Note there is shortcut keys for all skills.

5. Tag : Allow you to tag someone and create a group. It allow you to play in group for mission, trip in world map or to enter dungeon.

6. Close : Close this menu

The others icons have currently no effect.

If you are close to an other player character you will have two more icons:

Action barter open.png
Open the barter menu allow you to safely exchange stuff with other players. In open mode both players will see the inventory of the others

Action barter hide.png
Currently bugged. Do not use

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