Beginner guide: Discover Interface

Your character is created. It's now time to discover the world of Ashes of Phoenix so let's click on "Play".

You character spawns in a safe place so take the time to discover the interface and the shortcuts before facing the dangers.

At any time in the game, press F1 to show the HELP screen.


Discover the Interface:

Interface aop2.png

1. Log and chat:

In this area you will see the log ; information about what happens in the game. Press "F5" to open/close it and scroll to view history :
  • In green you will have general information (what you see, what your friends\foes do)
  • In yellow you will see combat event when you shoot
  • In orange you will see combat event when you take a shot
This area also contains the chat system allowing you to talk with other players. Press "Enter" key to enter chat mode.

2. Injuries:

Interface injuries.png

This section shows you if you any have serious injuries. Serious injuries appear in red and give you big disadvantages ( you can't no more shoot if arms are injured, no more run for legs, .. ). You should use the Doctor skill to heal them.

3. Active bonus:

In some situations you can have bonus from external factors ; you are under cover, you recieve bonuses from your leader, ... If one of the bonus is active it will show up as an icon :
If you receive a bonus from your squad leader ( Need to be in a squad and near the leader )
If your weapon is deployed ( Need a deployable weapon )
If you have a good cover from your environment

4. Hit points (HP):

Defines the amount of damage your character can take before dying. When your hit points reach 0 or below, you fall on the ground, knocked down, which means you can only whisper (and use Faction Chat). While knocked down you are unable to do anything. When your HP goes to -100, you will die. Your HP will regenerate every 15 seconds, allowing your character to stand back up when it reaches 1 or above, or is healed by a teammate.

5. Active malus:

In some situations you will suffer from malus ; you take a bad shoot, you feel weak or poisoned. If one malus is active it will show up as an icon :
  • Icon poison.png Poisoned:
If you suffer from poisoning and losing HP over time. You can use antidote to get rid of it.
  • Icon disoriented.png Disoriented:
Lowers your sight range and hit chance resulting in a temporary blind.
  • Icon winded.png Winded:
Knocks the wind out of you, making you unable to run for a short amount of time.
  • Icon suppressed.png Suppressed:
Suppression makes you keep your head down, making you unable to run.

6. Action points (AP):

Every character has a maximum of 100 AP that regenerates over time. Each action you make (reload, shoot, use a skill, ... ) requires some of your AP. If you do not have these AP you can't do that action. The top right light shows you when your AP regenerates.
In general, it is possible to do actions that require more HP then you currently have. Using items, reloading, using skills. They all can be done while having not enough AP available. However, when doing so, you will enter negative AP. While having negative AP, you can't do anything. Not even run or walk. You can however not shoot if you do not have sufficient AP to do so.

7. Weapon:

All the information about the weapon you are currently using. You can switch from weapon 1 to weapon 2 using the "B" key.

Interface weapon.png

  1. A picture of your weapon
  2. The number of ammo in the mag as well as its maximum possible amount of ammunition
  3. The cost in AP to shoot
  4. The attack mode, use "N" to loop
  5. The aim mode, press this to aim

8. Bleed & Radiation:

This shows your level of bleed and radiation. When you are affected by one of this the corresponding icon will start blinking. Bleed means you are losing blood with time (which means you lose HP) and you should take care of this by using bandages. Radiation means you have been radiated and you should use rad-away or speak with the doctor of your factions as radiation can affect your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. values.

The Cheapboy

Every adventurer receives his own cheapboy. This mobile electronic device allows you to access a lot of usefull information. Press "P" to view the cheapboy and use the button at the bottom to navigate ( you can also use keyboard shortcuts to navigate )

Interface cheapboy.png

Interface s.png Squad : View the members of your squad, if there are online or not and their positions
Interface f.png Fame : View the hall of fame to discover the best players of AoP and try to make your place there !
Interface i.png Information : all information about traits and perks on item, weapons and armors.
Interface q.png Quest: Active and finished quests descriptions
Interface l.png Leadership : Allow squad leader to select which leadership modules to use.
Interface a.png Aim: Targetting system with usefull info
Interface t.png Status: A quick look to all the cooldowns applied to your character. You can also view the bonus receive from your squad leader if you have one.
Interface m.png Map : View the map of Phoenix. At start this map is empty.. .. and will auto-complete during your adventures in Phoenix. Use "tab" to have a quick access to the map.

Other usefull interface screen

Interface charac small.png

Press C to open your character sheet. You will see a panel similar to the one use to create your character with the same information.

Interface inv small.png

Press I to open your inventory sheet and manage your gear. You can equip armor, weapons, utilities and view all items you scavenge.

Interface fix small.png

Press F to open your fixboy and see all the stuff you can craft. Lines in red mean that you are unable to craft that item currently ( you do not have the ingredient in your inventory, you need a workbench... etc ) and in green the ones you can make.

Interface skill small.png

Press S to open the skill panel and use one of your skills. A faster way to use a skill is the keyboard shortcuts

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