Beginner guide: Character Creation

You should now be able to execute Fonline Ashes of Phoenix and see the main menu.

We will now create your character ! Would you like to play as a sneaky scout ? A sharpshooter sniper ? A beefy big gunners ? A friendly doctor ? It's time to choose !


General description

Once you click on "Registration" you will see this screen :

Bg registration.png

1. Player's characteristics : Choose your name, age and set your SPECIAL (Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility and Luck )

2. Derived stats : See all derived stats about your avatar : health point, resistance, regeneration,..

3. Skill : Allow the selection of your skill. You have to select three skills.

4. Information section : Display additional information about perk, skill, etc.. once selected.

5. Traits : Allows the selection of your Traits. You can take 0, one or two traits to start the game.

Player's characteristics

You have to set your name and password. Click on the empty field on the top of the player's characteristics to be able to define them.

Bg playerName.png

Then you can set all your characteristics. You have 40 special points that you have to spare between :

  • Strength : Raw physical strength.
  • Perception : The ability to see, hear and notice unusual things.
  • Endurance : Stamina and physical toughness.
  • Charisma : A combination of appearance and discipline.
  • Intelligence : Knowledge, wisdom and the ability to think quickly.
  • Agility : Coordination and ability to move well.
  • Luck : Fate and Karma.

You can view the effect of adding / removing a characteristics in the derived stats section.


Skill Points are the all important modifiers that are spent upon leveling up, and based on which Skills they are put into, dictate what your character excels at.

You have to choose to tag three different skills. You will be able to increase all your skill during the game but the three tagged skills will evolve twice faster.

You can view the effect of adding / removing a skill in the derived stats section.


Traits can only be chosen during character creation. You will not be able to modify them later so choose well.

Traits describe physical aspect of your character and have consequences on your character's statistics.

You can choose to take 0, 1 or 2 traits. This is not mandatory. Click here to view a list of the traits.

You can view the effect of adding / removing a traits in the derived stats section.


You have created your character but you can't validate it ? Let see what can be wrong :

  • Invalid character on password
Try to remove any non-alphanumeric characters from your password
  • Choose 3 tag skills
You have to tag three skills. Not 2, not 4, 3.
  • You can't tag Persuasion, Outdoorsman, Science or Engineering
These skills don't evolve as others and you can't tag them or spend points on them. For example you need to do a lot of science to naturally increase your science level. ( See skill page for more information )
  • You must tag exactly one of the following: Small Guns, Big Guns, Energy Weapons, HtH Combat
You must tag exactly one combat skill. Not 0. Not 2 or 3. Exactly 1. Note: Throwing does not count as a combat skill in character creation. So you can still tag Throwing along one of the other four combat skills.
  • Incorrect SPECIAL data :
Special data is your Strength/Perception/Endurance/Charisma/Intelligence/Agility/Luck. All your stats should be between 1 and 10 and if you are gifted between 2 and 10.

If you are still not able to create your character please ask us on the forum.

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