Armor Traits

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Armor Traits

Each armor has a number of so-called armor traits. These give positive as well as negative effects to it's user. The power armor, for example, has the "Tin Can" trait which reduces the chance to be knocked out, but if a knockout nevertheless should happen, it will last longer. The armor traits are also listed in the pipboy so you can check what they mean at any time.

Here are a list of Armor Traits :

Armor Trait
Quick Recovery
You are quick at recovering from being knocked out or knocked down.
Paper Wall
This armor has almost no stopping power! You have -2 strength in rolls to avoid knockdown and knockouts.
Stone Wall
With this armor, you have +2 strength in rolls to avoid knockdown and knockouts. You are also knocked back half the normal distance.
The lightness of the armor allows you to move faster. The lower your current AP , the faster you run, up to 25% faster.
Bonus Rate of Fire
Firing this weapon costs 5% less Action Points
Malus Rate of Fire
Any attacks will cost 5% more action points while wearing this armor.
You don't care about people dying, you care about striking the final blow yourself! Whenever you kill another player, you instantly regenerate 15 action points
Wearing armor makes you worry less about stray bullets. Each rank of this trait gives you +10% suppression resistance.
The bullets flying left and right doesn't even make you flinch, you're in power armor for crying out loud! +100% suppression resistance.
Faster Reload
With each rank of this armor trait, you reload weapons 10% faster than normal
Plated Gloves
Wearing this armor makes you less likely to cripple your arms (+2 Endurance to rolls), and less likely to avoid weapon drops (+2 strength for rolls vs weapon drop). The gloves do however make it 10% slower to reload weapons.
Harder to Heal
You get 25 HP less when healed.
Easier to Heal
You get 25 HP more when healed.
Faster Medic
Performing First Aid and Doctor is 25% faster while wearing this armor. Stacks with Field Medic perks.
This armor is bulky. Your extra AP regeneration is lowered (-2 agility for extra AP regen).
Bonus Critical Resistance
Each rank of this armor trait makes it harder for your enemies to make critical strikes on you. You get + 5% Critical Resistance.
Anyone trying to attack you with HtH will be shocked. Literally. Melee attackers lose 10AP for each hit on this armor.
Tin Can
How do you even take a piss in this thing? Well protected as you may be, it is difficult to see through that helmet. -1 Perception
This armor functions like an exoskeleton, with powerful servos assisting with very powerful movement. You get 3+ Strength, and you are able to run with weapons that you could otherwise walk with.
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