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General Discussions / AOP IS DEAD!!!
« on: August 04, 2018, 01:28:59 PM »

Suggestions / make AoP version of fonline battleground
« on: January 23, 2017, 12:49:40 AM »

Please for all of us players suffering from AoP withdraws. With late session 1 perks and weapons. Hell even sneak from session 1 which is million times better than what it is ATM (still prefer Sneak scout only)

Starting level should be 50 :D

Suggestions / Rollback to late session 1
« on: October 18, 2016, 01:58:07 AM »
Title thread. IMO late session 1 was when the game was more balanced. Many things were changed such as DMRs, pistols, perks, pretty much everything. Also delete E-benis, crap weapon that requires no skill at all and rewards the noob player with a weapon that requires no effort for a huge damage output. And change the range formula if back to normal...

Also most of these changes already in or were late session 1, but some wouldn't hurt.

However I do believe sneaking should be change to scout roll still with soflam and traps like I've stated many times before.

some more stuff but late here, gonna write later

@Piggy - piss off

@ sunders - benis, hah, beat you to it

@ clochard - no, thread will be open

Suggestions / #MakeAoPGreatAgain
« on: July 07, 2016, 03:27:34 PM »
  • Bring back session 1 weapon range formula. Current one is ridiculous and just makes everyone OCD skyrocket.
  • Keep Map DLC, more maps are better
  • Get rid of all these useless shit weapons, there was no need to add that many more to the game, especially when majority are untested and unbalanced. And sure as hell get rid of Particle Accelerator from the Heart merchant
  • Get rid of Church and Hounds, seriously, who's stupid idea was to add 2 more factions, As if there weren't a couple useless ones with just 4.
  • Rename V-Tec so no more fallout fanboys can come back and say "Hur dur, I'm the next Vault Dweller Hur duur"
  • Implement my sneak chages (You gets sneakers serving as a SCOUT ONLY and ability to harm players without directly coming to contact with them, primarily a support class which will benefit the team)
  • Bring back assignments. Yes, majority of Fonline players are for PvE and when you remove this from them, they lose interest. Especially for AoP where assignments were the only way to get money to buy PvP gear without PvPing
  • Add some sort of outside core Equal Numbers PvP. FOnline 2 has this but no one uses it and I don't see how it will "remove life from core" You have to be an idiot to think that.
  • W.I.P.E A.O.P
  • Nerf ripper or you get faggots like the british brothers that use that 24/7
  • Bring back old ZC mechanics where you need a group of 6 and start the flag. To prevent swarms ruining the fun running around the core, on radio chat you'll recieve a message if there's a group of 6+ in a zone. Yes, even ZC hasn't started.

Some other shit but gotta clear these Facist invaders from Red Orchestra :D

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