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Title: Game Rules
Post by: Lidae on September 05, 2014, 02:11:58 PM

While the wasteland is harsh and always will be, that doesn't mean the atmosphere both on the website and in-game has to be harsh too.
The following rules exist to ensure that the game is played fairly by everyone, and they are subject to change at any time if necessary.

Team Killing

Team killing is not punishable but greifing is. There is a thin line between Team Killing and griefing so be warned of the reprocussions. Personal judgement will be used to deal with such cases.

1. General behavior
FOnline: Ashes of Phoenix is a game, and want you all to feel comfortable when you play or read the forums. That's why we'll pay attention to make sure that spamming, insulting, flaming and trolling cases will be addressed accordingly, with warnings or bans if required. If you're not happy about something, please talk about it and give us arguments.
2. Multi logging
Connecting multiple characters at the same time to gain advantages over other players whatever they are is strictly forbidden. There should be no advantage to gain from multi logging on AoP, so please don't do it.

3. Fast relogging
Fast relogging on another character in order to gain any PvP advantage is not allowed. While we believe such an advantage would be extremely limited anyway and in most cases, manageable by opponents, we ask you not to do it.

Please also note that the entire Phoenix Core is in 'no log out' mode, meaning that if you disconnect there, you character will never leave the game world and you'll be vulnerable to anyone passing by.
Always disconnect on worldmap or in your headquarter, preferably in your base/room.

4. Bug exploiting
Exploiting a bug in order to gain any advantage - the easiest example being using a broken dialogue to get infinite caps- will be punished. If you find such bug, don't ruin your experience, report the bug instead in private to the dev team. We'll reward players behaving honestly.

5. Feature abusing
Finding a new evil plan to smash your enemies hard is usually tolerated in FOnline, as the wasteland is a place for smart and cunning people. However, we do not allow anyone to simply ruin the experience of others. Camping the entrance of a map for example, while it's not easy to do on AoP, will be tolerated as long as it doesn't become a regular activity that prevents other players to enjoy the game.

If you come up with a plan that sounds unfair for your opponents, better forget it. We'll warn concerned players and punish them if they keep abusing.

6. Third party tools / programs / mods
Wall hacks, roof hacks, field of view hacks and such modifications and bypasses are not allowed on Ashes of Phoenix. In general, any external tool or modification that gives any advantage over other players is strictly forbidden. We'll immediately ban anyone using such tools.

Any tool or program providing players information, such as character planners are of course welcome.

7. Sanctions
Usually, people caught misbehaving in-game will be sent to Sugarman's prison. There is no way out of there, Sugarman never releases prisoners and we do not do it often either. If we catch a platoon obviously cheating, we'll send all its members to jail too. To summarize: please, behave.

8. Help and contact
Title: Re: Game Rules
Post by: Shangalar on September 09, 2014, 04:56:53 PM
Games rules have been updated. Please read them and respect them.

A little mention concerning wall "hacks" that people use, which basically replace wall graphics by something less "intrusive" when it's about grabbing hidden piles of loot. Those tools will be tolerated, even if they look absolutely ugly, as long as we won't provide you a better way to distinguish those hidden piles of loot. However, don't expect us to promote a video recorded with this tool when we'll start proposing challenges (
Title: Re: Game Rules
Post by: Shangalar on September 19, 2014, 11:42:43 AM
Game rules updated:

Section 1:

Willingly ruining the atmosphere of a faction by continuously team killing faction mates will lead concerned characters to jail. Find faction enemies instead.

Section 8:

We will NEVER address requests such as "change my char name", "change my perks", "Oh I chose a bad trait please change it" or such stuff. If you do a mistake, get over it or make a new character.
Title: Re: Game Rules
Post by: Kink on September 21, 2014, 04:05:44 PM
Game rules updated, this one will be removed when we will have fixed reputation system :

Temporary : Team Killing

In order to fix the problem of team killing which is now massive in some factions, killing someone of your faction is strictly prohibited. The reputation system have to be reworked facing some abuses.