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Title: Development status
Post by: Shangalar on June 29, 2013, 06:00:00 PM
Hello everyone,

Just a small update to mention that we added a little ‘development status’ on the blog, as you can obviously see if you’re reading this post. ;)

This addition will help you to make yourself a better idea of the development progress made on AoP. Remember that this represents only a global picture of the current situation. Reaching 100% doesn’t mean that we’ll open the server right away. We’ll have to perform tests before any release. We’re also constantly revising what we already made, and it is possible that we decide to add or modify some features and so, delay the Open Beta test, which is our next goal. In any case, we’ll update dev status when necessary, and continue of course to keep you informed of AoP’s content with more detailed posts in the future.