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Title: Little Interface suggestions
Post by: Uriel on October 22, 2014, 03:43:56 PM

1. Add ability to see character's platoon name
Type squad name upper nickname, in addition set on/off button for view.
2. Display zone name on a screen
somewhere. Sometimes when you wander in core you forget the location.
Maybe bind it by "/" button(with server date, time)

Combat interface improvements:
1. Little arrow indicates the direction where is squad members who has been attacked.
Arrow located on the border of screen. One arrow for one group is attacked(~20 hexes around each member is attacked merge in one arrow)
2. Little mark upper craracters body to help medic defibritllate.
when character is down, automatically(or by pressing buttom by victim)
shows flag or/and if character have 150+doctor(or mb he has only 200 doc or some perks), medic can click on this flag and defibs will be used.

More suggestions will be later.
Title: Re: Little Interface suggestions
Post by: mAdman on October 23, 2014, 07:19:30 AM
All cool ideas, except the current map location button, navigating the core is supposed to be hard at times, especially in new areas, getting lost is part of the fun.

I particularly like the medic UI indicators over injured friends, mitigated by skill, that would be really nice to see. Maybe a red cross hovering over people below a certain percentage of health for first aid, and then a skull symbol that appears over the top of the cross if they fall into negative health for doctors, that way someone who has both wont get a clutter of hovering symbols, just 1 over each player that "updates" when they fall into negatives. (the skull could turn red if they die but are not under the effect of a defib timer, if they are, the symbols disappear and reappear if the timer is just running out etc).
Title: Re: Little Interface suggestions
Post by: paragon on October 23, 2014, 07:26:27 AM
Only people without squad can not know where are they in Zone.