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 on: April 20, 2024, 08:18:07 PM 
Started by cirn0 - Last post by cirn0
Season 8 is the next upcoming Season in Ashes of Phoenix.

Launch date is 20.04.2024. The season will be a Vietnam style of season.

New additions:
- Fixed HotkeysConfig.exe and added all new Hotkeys for easier modification of Hotkeys.
- New Pipboy menu where some configurations can be easily changed in real time.
- A new throwable Trap (Caltrops)
- Overhauled Weapon Modification System. Weapon Mods
- Overhauled Anomalous Zones
- Added interactable slot machines throughout the core. You can now use pre-war money to gamble!
- Era 3 weapon crafts now require a special part, these parts can be found in the same places corrupted Blueprints were found.
- New pool of Heroic weapons - those that were used in the Vietnam war. A list of these weapons can be found here.
- Change to how Zone Control is started.
- New UI element to show the heat of surrounding areas.
- A LOT of new gun sounds. Seriously. A lot.
- Rumours of a new type of beverage have been going throughout the core. People say it is the new shit. Completely overloading your senses.
- Crafting sounds are now not map-wide anymore and instead positional like gun-fire. In addition to that the sounds itself are new.
- Item usage sounds are now not map-wide anymore and instead positional like gun-fire. You can now hear your friend gulping down that tasty Nuka Cola drink!
- Sound overhaul for resources gathering like mining/chopping wood
- Water - you can cross water with your character, but he will slow down while doing so. When you exit the water, you will slowly regain your full running-speed again.
- Bushes - you can now hide in bushes, only those close to you will be able to see you.
- More environmental sounds Unconfirmed!!

Client links:

Join the discord:

 on: March 18, 2024, 06:33:53 PM 
Started by Smalltime - Last post by Kurwier
That's pretty cool OP... But get back to me when there's an Ashes of Phoenix DARK.
okay rando

any chance for a reupload ?

 on: November 30, 2022, 09:26:56 AM 
Started by John Porno - Last post by John Porno
Winter Season (7) is here. Server start at 18:00 CET

Client download:

Unless explicitly mentioned in this Changelog, all changes and settings from the end of last season remain in place. Server will again start at Tier 2 and end at Tier 5. All of last seasons mid-season changes like Skill requirements, tech costs and catch-up mechanics are in place.

Only 2 factions accessible, Boreal Church (Suomi) and Hound Square (Soviet). The season will 3 months, 1 week and 6 days. Rats technically exist for neutral chars, but Merc'ing has been disabled.

Added new weapons:
    - SVT-38 (T5 Sniper)
    - SVT-40 Scoped (T6 Sniper )
    - LS/26 (T5 LMG)
    - Kg M/40 (T5 LMG)
    - Madsen LMG (T4 LMG)
    - L-41 Sampo (T6 Special MMG)
    - Valmet KvKK 62 (T7 LMG, non-event)
    - Mosin Nagant (T5 Sniper)
    - Mosin Nagant PU (T6 Sniper)
    - SGM/SG-43 (T5 HMG)
    - Suomi KP-31 (T5 SMG)
    - Lahti L-39 (T6 Special BG Sniper)
    - Rajamäki Molotov (T5 Grenade)

All period correct weapons that were used by either the red army or the finnish defence forces during the winter war are counted as event weapons. This goes for new ones as well as existing ones like AVS-36.
All event weapons will gain double the score, including legendary score.
Event weapons are only accessible through the high tier/reputation merchant of their respective factions. They are also added to the special weapons pool and be obtained through special blueprints. The merchant sells not just T+1 event weapons, but also T0 event weapons.

- Mining is disabled in wilderness
- Wood can be processed into Coal at furnaces
- Core tree regrow is now more consistent
- Added additional trees around the encanto area, and as replacement for palm trees, cacti and other desert plants, though not all are harvestable
- Normal critter drops like meat and tails can now also be sold for tech points
  + Additional such tech merchants have been added to each safehouse

- Added heat system in addition to recon:
  + As opposed to Recon, Heat is not faction-specific and zone-dependant, but is visible globally to everyone, everywhere.
  + Heat is generated by the actions of both players and NPCs
  + Dungeon heat is added to its surface zone points, while sewers are not.
  + Heat reacts and updates faster than recon

Zone Control/Legendary score:
- Basic distance-based legendary score modifier goes from 75%->125% based on your weapon's maximum distance, shorter range weapons getting higher modifier
- On top of that is added a flat bonus of 0-25% based on your current distance to target when you gain leg score.
  + The maximum of 25% is obtained when the target is closer than 1/3 of your maximum range, and decreases linearly to 0 when your target is further than that (up to max range) This particular bonus is additive, while the general max-range based bonus stacks multiplicatively with the event bonus
- Faction guard NPCs now give score, including legendary score, at 15% rate than that of an enemy player (It can not be cheesed by kiting and healing NPCs, they have a fixed amount of score to give). Shooting factions guards will not generate a clash (crossed sword symbol), but will be subject to recon and heat

- Blueprint crafts higher than current global tech level now require engineering as: (Tier - CurrentTier) * 20 + 20. Special blueprints require additional +10 skill.
  + Current tier and below BPs require 0 engineering, same as regular crafts
- Blueprint crafts get increased chance of extra perk depending on crafter's engineering skill
- Blueprints now give tech point discount based on your engineering skill
  + Maximum discount is 50% at 200 skill. Discount is linear so at 100 skill you get 25% discount
- Crafting at a factory gives additional 10% tech point discount
- You now get 1/5th of regular engineering skill progress if the craft is below your skill level and the craft costs tech points. The progress is based on both material and current tech cost. Previously you did not get progress for these crafts without BP

- Blueprints now show the item tier/era in the crafting screen and are sorted descending by tier
- Global tech progress is now 2x slower than previously (Global tech mostly affects merchant stock and certain item spawns)
- Adjusted/decreased crafting delays

- You now get a new build slot every 15 total character levels (prev. every 20 levels)
- Maximum experience gain multiplier is now 3.0x (prev. 2.5x)

Quality of Life:
- Add client-side automatic smart container sorting option
- Add favoriting items in inventory by double clicking -> items stay at the top and won't be quick-dropped
- Add moving/sorting items inside inventory by dragging with cursor
- Disable scrolling down if new items are added to inventory and inventory scroll is > 0 (Inventory screen wont shift around while looting or sciencing)
- Enabled item quick use also in container window (try CTRL+click to read books)
- Relics are now stackable
- Display weapon/item condition on UI
- Play sound when harvesting tool breaks

 on: May 20, 2022, 08:15:15 AM 
Started by John Porno - Last post by John Porno
Hey Hey People

Season 6 is here. Server goes up 6pm CEST. Here's there client link. Old clients not recommended or support.

Core Changes:

- Most core Patrols are now single NPCs (except animals, muties and ghouls)
- Neutral patrols replaced by hostile ones
- Static mobs added in various places
- (Animal-) critters rebalanced, made easier
- Dungeon thugs are now less numerous in each dungeon
- Added more Material Crafting Stations around the Core.
- Reworked Economy, Prices at all workbenches are the same, Material processing more straight forward, more on that below
- Changed container resource spawns
- Reworked NPC Behavious inside Core as well as inside Dungeons. Players should see less unnecesarry fatal deaths in the Core. (remember to call for sugarman 3 times if stuck)
- Added small quests to neutral core NPCs
- Added an abandonded Mine with gecko spawns into the deep sewers (tutorial sewers, disconnected from the core, accessible through a manhole on the left side of the rats base

- Distillery Underground is now occupied by toxic geckos and Sharpwit Offices by aliens.
- Cyclical dungeons brought back for Junk Outpost Cave and San Tan Cave
- For those who missed it late last season, there are now various soloable dungeon locations throughout the core.

The Tec system:
- Tech points are gained by using science on processed materials. Processed materials are any crafting materials that are themselves crafted, like Gunpowder or iron, but not pelts, fibers or junk. Tech points are also gained from using relics found in the core (encrypted holodisk, chemistry journals, maps).
- Tech points are like a crafting resource that is stored on the character, they can not be traded.
- Tier 1 costs no tech. Tiers 2 to 5 cost 20% to 100% tech of base price. Tier 6 and up cost exponentially more tech points.
- The Server starts on tier 2 and ends on tier 5. This dictates mostly just merchant bags, meaning HQ merchant sells tier 5, with ZC Merchant selling tier 6 against reputation cost.
- Each tier requires an additional 20 engineering skill. Skill is raised by crafting the highest possible weapons.
- Armors, ammo and other craftable supplies require skill but have just nominal tech costs and do not contribute to global tec or personal skill level.
- All weapons, including tier 10, are unlocked from the start and only gated by skill and their respective costs.
- For reference: 1 cap in material value corresponds to 10 tech points.
- every 100 tech worth of items scienced, a "scrap" item is spawned for the purposes of selling it, it has no other use.

- Crafting higher tier items causes exhaustion which reduces over time and when you gain experience. When you are over 100% exhaustion, tech point costs for crafts are doubled for every multiple of 100%

The crafting system:

- There are 2 trees of basic resources: Iron, Steel and High Grade Steel for eras 1 through 3, as well as Fibers, Polymers and Kevlar for armor crafting. At any workbench, they can be processed into the next era acquivalent at a 10:1 ratio, meaning 10 Iron can be turned into Steel and 10 Polymers are turned into Kevlar. If done at a processing facility, this changes to a 5:1 ration.
- There are also optional Materials who act as catalysts, they increase the effeciency of the conversion. Adding Coal allows 10 Iron to be turned into a total of 8 Steel, and adding Mineral Powder when processing pelts doubles the amount of Leather thats gained.
- The economy assumes a 5:1 at a normal processing plant without the catalyst when it comes to calculating item prices. Example: Iron is 5 caps, Steel is 25caps, High grade steel is 125 caps. There is no value or tech point value gained when turning Iron into Steel, if the 5:1 conversion is used.
- This means there is a rough 3-5fold increase in item values between the eras.
- When it comes to sciencing, only era 1 materials (iron, wood, fiber, leather and gunpowder) can be recovered from items. An item that consist of 8 High Grade Steel and 4 Wood for example, will be treated as consisting of 8 Iron and 4 Wood for the purposes of sciencing

Character changes:

- Removed free Rerolls (1 free at register) in favor of Build Slots. Performing a reroll resets the active slot to level 1. Slots can freely be switched in HQs. Number of slots is determined by Lifetime total XP, taking all XP together that have ever been earned. Every 20 levels of lifetime xp unlocks a new slot, according to standard XP formula (20, 40, 60 etc). Noncombat skills are unaffected by rerolling and switching. There is an XP boost for new slots.
- Added a lot of Outdoorsman Stuff like planting, farming, looting and overall ways to level it up. All critters have a difficulty rating, determining failure chance, bonus loot and skill up chance. Harvesting, woodchopping and mining affected by outdoorsman skill.
- Carry Weight changes. (Armors carry themselves when worn and add a Strong Back perk (25 CW). New backpack Util slot items. Strength impact on CW halved. +1 CW per level past 24, up to 100.
- Leadership Boosts can be activated without first injecting Implant - but at 50% Efficiency. Injecting Implant will bring it back to 100% Efficiency.
- New Perk: Restless. Gain 5 AP/s when in negative AP.

Item Changes
- Some guns changed in playstyle: Gardner gun, M60, BAR
- Sand robes got a slight armor increase
- New Rat Jacket (era1) to help against melee critters
- Added Low-Tier Sneak Variant of Stealthboy. (Degradable, One-Use, worse in performance)

Faction Changes
- Selling trash loot items now properly feed the faction economy
- Prices of merchants have generally been increased against their base material cost
- Sewer rats now offer platoon bases for 15k caps
- Changed layout of zone control resources
- Base faction production is higher
- (WIP) Sewer Rats aka factionless players can sign up as a mercenary, temporarily joining this faction for purposes of zone control. There is a 24h timeout on switching. Rats should get proper (legendary-) score and everything, but expect some issues especially with payouts, since rats were not designed to have any.
- Faction invasion on rats will be enabled in the very near future, probably starting next week. Can't have shit in Phoenix.

Misc. Changes
- Extensive Sound Overhaul
- (WIP) Russian Translation Expanded, it will get regular updates in the next days.

Sneak Changes

Changes in Sneak Value happen gradually now in both directions.
Sneaking now revolves a lot around walls. Walls give you a huge bonus to your Sneak-Value but the further away you are, the easier you will be to spot. Being out in the open gives you a hard hit to your Sneak Value.
This incentivises sneak to be countered with open areas, as well as well-placed bursts or AoE Damage close to walls. Because changes happen gradually, you are still given the chance to skip by a small open pathway, as long as you are quick. Especially new Warmode will help you with that.
The Ghost perk increases the regain of your Sneak Value by +1Hex/sec. It will NOT slow the decay if you start moving away from a wall or start running.
There is a low-era Stealth-Boy variant called Camo-Netting. This item is non-rechargeable and breaks apart after 1 hour of use. It is worse in performance then the Stealthboy and has no warmode, but is available at Era 1.
When desneaking, you will suffer an "Exposed" Status Effect for 10 seconds. It will not stop you from going back into Sneak (There is still a reduced Sneak Cooldown for that). But it will decrease the amount of Sneak-Value you regain by 1Hex/sec, as well as cutting your Critical Resistance in half. Desneaking also causes a sound-effect to be heard by nearby combatants.
Warmode Cooldown is now 30 Seconds. And putting a Stealthboy into Warmode drains its charges 10 times faster. (This means Recon in Warmode, and Infiltrator always because Warmode is default behaviour for that). Warmode now increases Sneak Value regain by +1Hex/sec and decreases Sneak Value loss by 1Hex/sec.
In next 1-2 days open Cover that was giving Ghost bonus 2 years ago. (Fences, Tables, etc.) will give you 50% of the wall-bonus a solid wall gives you. client link again just in case

 on: June 13, 2021, 09:56:26 AM 
Started by Kurwier - Last post by Kurwier

 on: April 22, 2021, 12:45:48 PM 
Started by Ranforius - Last post by Ranforius
Panowie, jak w temacie

zapraszam wszystkich na V-Teców, by podnieść tą frakcje z kolan i wyrównać trochę PvP w AoPie, server discord znowu działa i powoli zbieramy ludzi, ale potrzeba nas więcej więc łapać za muszkiety i w drogę

 on: April 21, 2021, 02:11:45 PM 
Started by John Porno - Last post by Shangalar
Yeepee   ;D

 on: April 20, 2021, 08:37:49 AM 
Started by John Porno - Last post by John Porno
Here we go for season 5. Download links below. Come to discord.

These changes are a non-exhaustive list of changes compared to last years season, not a full list of features.

Factions, and thus their merchants, now receive very little resources by themselves. Instead, misc items collected by players, and any other items sold to merchants, will be converted into merchant stocks. The value of misc item loot has been increased. Instead of automatically feeding the faction, ZC resources can be obtained by the player by purchasing access tokens to use on flags, spawning the available resources there. Use of tamed pack brahmins recommended.

If the stock depletes and there is a shortage, merchant stock disappears and their price increases, but players can make more money selling.

Wild brahmins can be tamed and sold to brahmin herder who converts them into pack brahmins with high carry weight.

Processing plants can be purchased and put into bases, including workbenches. Blueprints can be crafted at bases, but core facilities are cheaper and produce higher quality items.

It is now possible to mine ore, chop wood and obtain mutfruits and fibers from plants in certain core locations.

It is now possible to loot cars with melee weapons, causing the weapon to lose condition dependant on tier.

PCG Dungeons now features 5 distinct bandit factions with different loot and gear choices and stats, including drug use and leadership boosts. Loot is also dungeon-themed where applicable.

During raids, bandits now gather at their grid, come out one by one, pick a number of random patrol points and patrol around for a while before returning (rather than just spawning and hoping they'll aggro on something)

Maryland dungeon loot has been increased but is now locked behind a keycard with a quest.

Core changes
The Patrol layout and patrol pool has been overhauled for every core map, resulting in a noticable difference in difficulty in the central zones, with outter zones being safer than before. The AI has been greatly improved, npcs now use drugs, may try to flee or heal allies and now use combat taunts.

The core life (static spawns) system has been extended with additional functionalities and types of spawns.

Container loot has been changed.

Zone control and PvP
ZC now has an underlying domination system, that tracks all fights throughout the day and calculates a score in order to try to dampen the effect of nightcapping/afk capping.

Additional pathways in HQs have been added for faction invasion.

For each drop in quality from Perfect, every weapon and armor now gains a negative perk (dmod) up to 7 dmods at garbage condition. The time it takes to deplete condition is now twice as long, but repairs cost twice as much, equating the change (less repairs, same cost).

Bunch of new quests and repeatable core assignments added, all throughout different safehouses and sewer rats base.

Central 5 sewers have been replaced with new maps, corresponding to the surface. The old 5 maps have been made accessible through the sewer rats base with very weak patrols to act as a safer zone.

Safehouse travel and outpost travel now enabled but at a cost.

Rerolls still free for now.

New weapons in the lower tiers, mostly filling gaps in the tectree.

Weapon and character balance 99% unchanged.

Also: The server is going to start at Tier 2 and will be progressed through crafting higher tier items from blueprints (now in your base as well). Lower Tiers progress faster than higher ones, last Tier is 8.

Client Links:
[Google Drive]
[Alt Link]


 on: December 15, 2020, 12:32:44 PM 
Started by Kurwier - Last post by Kurwier
All you believe in is your Corona.

 on: December 13, 2020, 01:59:48 PM 
Started by Kurwier - Last post by Kurwier

Ashahado an laa ilaaha illal laho wahdahoo laa shareeka lahoo wa ash hado anna Mohammadan abdo hoo wa rasoolohoo

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