Author Topic: [BETA] 12.02.2014 Changelog  (Read 16070 times)


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[BETA] 12.02.2014 Changelog
« on: February 12, 2014, 07:17:40 PM »


- Crowbar, club, pipe rifle and zip gun are now craftable/sciencable.
- Spears are hopefully finally fixed.
- Fixed blueprint dialogue text.
- Sharpened pole value set to 0.
- Fixed healing rate / lizard limbs.
- All Mobs now give exp - properly this time.
- Dialogue fixes.
- Map fixes.
- Fixed so that you cap a zone if timer runs out, even though nobody attacked you.
- Removed AC penalty from unaimed single shots.
- Some critical bug fix.


- Merged 7,62x54R/7N14 as well as .223 remington/5,56x45mm into one "caliber", meaning that 223 pistol can use 5,56 and dragunov can use normal 7,62x54R ammo of the PKS. One ammo type each is made for sniping, with higher price and AC modifier, but else no stat changes.
- Halved gun jam/explosion chance.
- Doubled spawn chance of high tier crafting components.
- Mobs item conditions have been reworked and in general, slightly improved. There is now also a little chance to drop guns in good condition.
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