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Changelogs / Re: 4-30-2016 Changelog MK II
« on: May 01, 2016, 11:54:37 AM »
Just as an addendum, the new reroll screen is accessed by writing "~new-u". If you find any problems with it, if char gets the wrong stats, a trait doesn't work or give you wrong amounts of anything, then please report it so I can fix it. There's a bug right now with the Gifted trait (it says you have the wrong tag skills), but I think it'll be fixed for the next update.

In case something goes wrong, the old reroll system still works, and can be used in the same way as before. (Type "~reroll s p e c i a l" to reroll specials, or "~give me the chocolate" to reroll traits and tag skills).

Game Tips & Guides / Re: Sexpert Shooting Range
« on: April 20, 2016, 12:33:51 PM »
I see you really put a lot of effort into this. Good job! Looks like it would be a great complement for balancing certain weapons.

Developer Corner / Re: Tech Progression
« on: October 22, 2015, 06:36:57 PM »
Really good stuff!

Just to summarize our results from IRC this evening, here's how I would formalize our simplistic approach to assigning the probabilities:

currentTechLevel = floor(WorldTechLevel)
oldTechLevel = MAX(1,currentTechLevel-1)
futureTechLevel = MIN(10,currentTechLevel+1)

progress = WorldTechLevel-currentTechLevel

currentTechProb = 0.5
oldTechProb = (1-progress)*0.5
futureTechProb = progress*0.5

Suggestions / Re: The Shrekoning
« on: March 30, 2015, 03:07:56 PM »
Procoagulant: all bleeding is stopped for x seconds, y% chance of having a fatal thrombosis (stroke/heart attack) within x seconds.

Changelogs / Re: 16-03-2015 Changelog
« on: March 21, 2015, 02:23:24 PM »
So it stays open, and only closes from steal? Is there a way for multiple people to access the same container at the same time? Stealing from an open container was how we did this before.
Just use the container normally to access it.

Bug reports / Re: tourniquet attacks
« on: March 20, 2015, 12:34:03 PM »
Tourniquet as in "you need a tourniquet if you use this item". I'll check it out, thanks for reporting.

Bug reports / Re: Item quality and repair kits
« on: March 20, 2015, 09:37:31 AM »
You forgot to apply fonline logic.

Seriously though, it does sound like a bug. I'll look into it. Or complain to cirn so he looks into it.

Changelogs / Re: 16-03-2015 Changelog
« on: March 19, 2015, 09:01:20 AM »
RTS mode on squad-leaders / FTL is an awesome feature !! Really really nice, it will take some time to get used to it and take full advantage of it but this is a big asset for AoP imo  :)
I'm glad you like that. It's always been my conviction that fonline is a very strategic game, but unfortunately even basic strategies often requires huge amounts of coordination. Hopefully this will help a little bit with that.

As usual, any suggestions on how to improve on this is welcome.

Suggestions / Re: Balance issues
« on: March 18, 2015, 12:18:16 AM »
I don't disagree that overwhelming numbers in one faction is a bad thing. But with the playerbase being very small, I think it's probably better to stick to only two factions rather than insisting on four different ones. And this is effectively what we have at the moment anyway. It would just be a matter of cosmetics at this point to remove BB and Family all together and forcing everyone to play vtec or lawyers. At least as far as PvP is concerned.

Of course the balance between factions has always been an issue, it's something that potential players typically bring up or ask about, and that skeptics are, well, skeptical about. And for a good reason too. I think the best we can do in this aspect is to encourage equality rather than enforcing it. We never wanted to block certain factions or force people to switch, or at least that was always the "worst case scenario" in terms of what to do if we have 100 vtecs and 5 in each of the other factions. But again, with such small playerbase, four factions doesn't make sense anyway, and it's not like vtecs vastly outnumber all the other factions combined.

As for ways of encouraging balance, let me go through your suggestions:

- Better individual score if you are in the team in lower number. Lower if you are swarming. (ZC)
- Lower condition on things you loot if you are swarming. Better condition if you are swarmed. (ZC)
These could be done, especially the first one (a variation of it already is in place: you get better score for shooting people in good gear and high level, though this could perhaps be accentuated further). But the main problem here is that ZC itself has to be meaningful for the change to have any impact. If nobody cares about the score or the zones (which is largely the case right now), then these suggestions will do little to help.

- Short term alliance during ZC. Faction A & B team up for a specific ZC. They share benefits of that zone and it shows no contest while they are together.
- Medium term alliance. Faction A & B are officially allied for one week or one months. Every members of both faction should be aware of this (ingame message displayed) and would lose rep if they shoot each other. If faction A make a temporary alliance with team C, it should include team B.

Like I said before, alliances and treaties were in fact planned, and the backbone for letting individual players from one faction temporarily join another for the duration of ZC is even in place. The problem was how to facilitate the actual alliance. Somebody ought to accept or decline an offer to help in ZC. Who? If you're in BB and want to help family take a zone, who to you go to, what do you do exactly? There just seemed to be this big practical issue about how to actually form such alliances that we never really got to the bottom of, and then the whole thing just sort of fell out of memory I guess. Anyway, something like this would be cool, but there's a lot of design behind such a system if it is to be any good, and we're pretty far from having a good concept for it. (Indeed, if you have a good idea for how to handle this, I'd like to hear it. Maybe post it in the suggestion forum). And depending on that concept, actually implementing it could range from really easy to excruciatingly hard. Typically with stuff like this, an idea sounds awesome and you think you have a pretty clear vision - until you sit down to actually code it. Then you realise there's a ton of things you hadn't really thought of, and the whole thing becomes a mess. Planning it carefully in advance is really the hard part.

- No sworn enemy faction. I am not sure it is the most logical thing to do to destroy someone at the other end of the city, while your closest neighbours constantly threaten your territory.
I kinda agree with this, but it seems to me like the concept of intimate enemies hasn't really had any major impact on how people behave toward one another anyway. I could be wrong though. Personally I'm not really a fan of the concept anyway. Not sure it would make a huge difference to even out the faction numbers though.

- Having simultaneous treats, randoms events, weak-spot to deal with, the more active players you got logged at the same time, encouraging you to split to seek those events.
- Overall, having much more things to do, several for each kind of activity. Even if your faction has 3 players vs 50 you would still have things to do instead of just log off. (would only come over time)

This is hard because, well, to "maek moar contant" takes time. We are adding things bit by bit (the new upper levels of the core maps is the latest in this), but just adding more content is not particularly easy. There's also a balance between keeping a focus on PvP and the core, and having other stuff that sort of detracts from that. Particularly when the playerbase is small, we don't want the few players we do have to all be doing their own thing in their separate parts of the map.

- More mechanics to make even easier faction switching & alting, by moving storage from room/platoon to another, or free XP for making a new character in overwhelmed faction, ONLY if your faction is overwhelming. So not only regular could alt/switch, but also casuals.
Faction switching should be made easier, with that I agree. There are also a bunch of bugs related to switching factions that needs to be fixed. This is something that we'll probably fix pretty soon, and which may or may not be present for the next season. Sort of a temporary fix, I mean. Free XP sounds like a bad idea, and tying it to the faction of your other alts is basically impossible without some major additions to the engine.

- Salary & rewards becoming frozen if the gap is too high.
This would probably just make life harder for casuals/noobs in the numerous faction, whereas the people who are better candidates for switching would likely just whine and not actually do anything. So I dunno if this would help honestly. At least it should be relatively easy to do though.

-  Risk of being permanently expelled from a faction if you do team killing while being in an overwhelming faction.
I don't see how this would help.

- Having some ressources depending of faction trading system. People from faction B having to buy some stuff from faction A, which would be possible with consent of both sides.
I'd like faction trading to be a thing, but unfortunately I think people just make alts in the different factions to get the stuff they need. We made the merchant stocks depend on the zones you hold, but people bypass that easily by just having alts, so that didn't really work out as we wanted. Perhaps if some items were only available if two factions cooperated to get them, but I'm not sure what that cooperation would look like, or if it would lead to any actual cooperation, as opposed to the same group of players just having temporary alts in another faction for the duration of that cooperation.

Anyway, I think the direction we're going in at the moment, and which I think is really promising at least as a concept, is to have a more well defined tech progression throughout the season, and allowing different factions to be gaining "tech" at different speeds. Connecting the zone control to this, as well as special operations that you have to do inside the core to gain tech (ie unlocking better gear). This would make ZC very important, which would stimulate PvP. Like we've touched on before, if people care about ZC, this would go a long way to naturally balance the different factions. If one faction becomes too strong, others will form alliances to defeat them, if not for their personal gain but in order to stop them from becoming even more powerful. Explicitly supporting such alliances is not strictly necessary I think (though it would be a nice thing to have eventually).

Ultimately, the tech progression would reach a point where the only way to advance further is to eliminate other factions. In a way, this is kind of the opposite of encouraging balance between factions, but I think the effect would be very interesting, especially with a larger playerbase. A weak faction would be a target for a strong faction, but at the same time, a strong faction would be a target for cooperating factions.

There's a risk of course that the "swarm faction" would gain a tech advantage that further perpetuates their lead and ultimately just crushes everyone. But I think the competitive nature of the core playerbase would go a pretty long way to try to prevent that. And in any case, as smaller factions get eliminated, those players can join with the next weakest team to give them a boost in numbers. It might work out rather nicely, and the dynamics of the server would change rather drastically across the season.

Personally I still feel like there are a few things missing, but I'm not sure what. Anyway, this is the direction we're currently headed, so any input or feedback on that might be useful.

To summarize, the issue of balanced factions is not an easy one, particularly if we are to let people choose for themselves how to play the game. And ultimately, part of the allure with fonline to begin with is the openness of it, the fact that you can do almost anything you want. Don't really wanna mess with that. So the only thing we're really left with is to try to design the gameplay in a way that it sort of magically balances itself. But particularly with a small playerbase, even small absolute differences in numbers amount to large relative imbalances. And you can't really split a prime.

Technical Center / Re: FOConfig.exe
« on: March 16, 2015, 07:46:58 PM »
I'm honestly not sure what the best settings are for a given graphics card, though I imagine that if you're dual logging or doing too much other stuff at the same time, you're unlikely to run out of RAM very soon. And you only get faster loads after you already loaded a map once. And increasing the cache will only help if you had too little of it in the first place. Basically it would only let you load a larger number of larger maps before you get a cache miss, rather than loading any one given map faster than before. If that makes sense.

Technical Center / Re: FOConfig.exe
« on: March 16, 2015, 10:32:56 AM »
I'm not 100% sure on all of them, but I can try:

Scroll delay: the speed at which you can scroll
Scroll step: number (of pixels?) you scroll each "step"
Text delay: how long "floating text" will appear on NPCs. I think this is in addition to some default time.
Cache sprites: Presumably how many sprites are stored in cache memory while you play. Increasing it will require more RAM, but speed up subsequent loading times.
Texture size: Size (in kb?) of textures stored in cache. Same thing as with cache sprites, if you increase it, it might speed up loading times, but it will also require more RAM.
3D FPS/3D smooth transition: This has to do with 3d models which aren't used in AoP.
Damage indication on head: when something takes damage, it will appear as red text over the head. The number is how long that text will appear.

Changelogs / 16-03-2015 Changelog
« on: March 15, 2015, 10:28:06 PM »
-FTLs can now demote themselves
-Pressing "B" (weapon swap) without Street Samurai will stop the char immediately
-Tied the loot respawn in the final room on polymer lab to the npcs in that room. (Loot respawns only when the mobs die)
-Fixed some drug messages
-Fixed some very minor worldmap fog issues.
-Fixed several bugs relating to loot respawn in robco/polymer
-map fixes and updated nukacolamachine graphics
-Adjusted respawn time of polymer NPCs

-Capped Run speed to 10 hex/second.
-More grenade stock in the merchants.
-Removed ability to throw nades when under RAGE COLA.
-Increased polymer difficulty slightly (and loot)
-Buffed Scoring for medical actions
-Score for defib
-Score for usage of medical items
-Score for healing bleed
-Buffed AP Drain , Now also disables target's AP regen+ for 1.5 seconds per application. Stacking.
-Changed projectiles missing behavior
-FTLs can now use RTS-mode (not just leader of a squad).
-Using an opened container now displays its contents instead of closing it.
-Using steal on a container now closes them
-Lowered cost of sPA from 20 PA frags to 5, comes in normal quality. ( Manually Built PA is still perfect )
-Repairing PA now has chance equal to the parts required to repair to lose quality
-Merchants now sell items with Outstanding quality instead of Perfect
-Mustard Gas now inflicts 15 bleed ontop of the poison

-Repair kit added, put the item you want to repair on the ground and use the kit on it ( Like you're defibbing your item ).
-Added map name in the squad list for most maps, including sewers, HQ and upper levels of the core.

Changes/Additions to RobCo level 2:
Now the hard robots are not present by default, and the good loot is moved to the armory (which replaces the toilets on the previous map). To get to the armory, you have to use the terminal next to the armory door. To be able to log in, however, you have to first obtain a keycard from elsewhere in the level (hint: check the office). With the keycard you can log in, which will then trigger a security alert, which in turn closes the doors into the top right part of the map (cutting in half anyone unfortunate enough to stand in the doorway!). Oh, and it also spawns extremely deadly turrets and robots.

After the security lockdown, nobody can leave or enter the locked down area (which includes the armory). Anyone trapped inside have approximately 20 minutes to kill the robots, or die trying. If the time is up, all players inside the area will die. If all players inside are killed, all loot on the map will be teleported into the armory, the robots and turrets are removed and the lockdown is lifted (the armory remains locked).

If the players manage to kill all the turrets and robots, the armory will unlock for 20 minutes and the lockdown is lifted. After 20 minutes, the armory door slams shut, instantly killing anyone with the brilliant idea to force it to remain open by standing there. Anyone trapped inside the armory will be stuck until it opens the next time (keep in mind it is a no logoff zone).

Also, the loot amount is greatly increased.

Bug reports / Re: The new maps
« on: March 13, 2015, 08:39:50 AM »
In the Nuka Cola first floor :
- There is no npc, nothing alive, nothing dead.
- When i am on the first floor and try to go down through the northern stairs, i end up in the middle of the street, not in the position of these stairs on the surface.

I think the plan was to add some NPC there, but laziness struck and we wanted to ship it already to make the new nukas available. This will probably be fixed shortly.

In the polymer first floor :
- I got into in more than 30 minutes after it was cleaned by another team. Npc were still dead. Dunno what is their respawn time, but it is weird to explore that empty map and take all the loot.
Yeah, we noticed the respawn was way out of synch, I think it's already fixed for the next patch.

In the robco first floor :
- Don't know much about it for now. Tried it alone and with three others guys, and we were focused by a bunch of robots, right at entrance, including deadly melee robots that deliver around 200 damage. When i first tried it alone, i was unconcious before even the map finished to load. When i tried with people, some of them didn't last 10 seconds. It might be on purpose, but i am not fond of npc abusing the loading time of players entering new areas. I would prefer to have the first npc a bit further or in another room, so it will leave players the time to enter together, and have the map loaded before the fight starts. No need to nerf npc. Strong npc is great.
It's a valid point for sure, but also a bit of a compromise. It's hard to detect when a player has finished loading, and the loading times are different for different players. The only way to be sure everybody can finish loading before they are attacked would be to make the first room safe. Which it could be, but it seemed more fun to have it set the tone of the map right away. For now the best way is clearly to enter several people at once and then focus down the eyebots immediately. They do a lot of damage but have very low hp.

In all :
- When you enter those map, you don't appear to be at Polymer/Nuka Cola/Robco, when you look on the squad screen. It is supposed to be those maps first floor, they should be considered as part of these maps.
Nice point. Only the core maps have shown in the squad screen mainly because of laziness. I fixed that now though, should be in the next patch. One thing to note though is that the second floors of buildings, just like the sewers, do not count for Zone Control. So you can't capture the polymer lab by hiding on the second floor. This is for gameplay reasons rather than anything else, it would be pretty lame if you have to search through a dungeon just to stop an attacker.

General Discussions / Re: More space
« on: March 11, 2015, 06:33:31 AM »
If i buy a new room will it be bigger?

Can i get a platoon base just for myself?
Yes, but you can only have access to one base at a time, so if you get one for yourself, you can't join another until you disband your own.

Changelogs / 07-03-2015 Changelog
« on: March 06, 2015, 02:34:26 PM »
-Fixed burn and bleed kills giving bounty on self
-Fixed suppression weapon perk
-Added Mustard Gas grenade to grenade list
-Fixed a hex shooting issue when using util slot with deployable weapons in hand
-Repair from the ground fix
-Reduced the margins a bit on the HoF so that longer legendary weapon names fit
-Fixed Mining Dialog Exploit
-Potential fix to some legendary HoF issues

-Nerfed Mentats.
-Nerfed Leadership some more.
-Psycho now gives 30% DR to Bleed ( up from 20% ).
-Reworked Afterburner Gum, now reduces max AP by 30 and gives 10 AP Regen+.
-You now get scavenger fame for looting bookshelves and other containers that doesn't close.
-20 XP to loot containers and sceneries (but only if nobody looted them since they respawned stuff last)
-Leadership change: Charisma of leader no longer affect the boost strength (charisma 10 is assumed).
-Spears thrown by NPCs get deleted when they hit the ground.
-Players throwing spears have a 10% chance of losing the spear when it hits the ground.
-Buffed bleed resistance. The character sheet now shows the bleed "half life", which is the time it takes for your character to absorb half of the current bleed. The longer the bleed half life, the longer it takes for you to convert bleed damage into normal damage, meaning you will survive longer.
-Incendiary ground effects now longer (up from 5 to 8 seconds).
-Adjusted male Combat Leather Coat graphic to be darker.
-Returned Combat Leather Jacket to default leather jacket skin.
-Bleed removed from Garand.
-20% bleed added to 30-06 ammo.

-Added cover triggers to Library Park
-Added explicit messages when you get a syringe from used stimpack or you heal someone for 0 HP.
-Items can be binded by item type (PID), if you hold SHIFT when you press the number to bind.
-New commands:
--"~colors" - refresh colorizing
--"~hideinvdesc" or "~hid" - turn off SPECIAL, eff weapon range and max weight in inventory screen
-New Aliases:
--"~reloadhotkeys" == "~rhk"
--"~dropsquad" == "~ds"

-You now get to choose a weapon perk each time your weapon becomes legendary. Works retroactively.
-Legendary weapons no longer deteriorate.
-You can see in inventory how far away a weapon is from being legendary.
-You can see with awareness if a player is holding a legendary weapon (though not it's specific name).
-AoP: Broodwar. Leaders of a squad can press 'space' (hotkey rebindable in hotkeys.ini as 'rtsmode') to enter "RTS-mode". While in this mode, all regular commands are disabled, and instead you can drag to select your squad mates, similar to how you would select units in a real time strategy game. You can then issue orders to the selected players that will show up as icons on their screen. There are 3 icons: attack, move and defend. You issue attack orders by pressing 'a' and then clicking on a hex. For move orders you simply right click on a hex. For "defend" orders, you press 'd' and click on a hex. You can also press "s" (for stop) to give each selected player the order to move to the hex they are already on. Similarly you can press "h" (for hold position) to tell them to "defend" the position they are on.

To leave rts-mode, simply press 'space' again (or whatever key you used to bind the rtsmode command).

Challenges & Accomplishments / Re: Guess the secret modifier!
« on: March 03, 2015, 01:40:39 PM »
Here's a little hint:

Spoiler for hint:

lambda is one day, but what is kappa?

General Discussions / Re: Three major problems of the game
« on: September 23, 2014, 05:39:56 PM »
Biggest problem is that Devs ignore that big amount of players see trough the walls even after rerolls, still being ignored, and no idea what causes that.
This will be fixed next update.

Bug reports / Re: [MECH] Medicinae Doctor
« on: September 18, 2014, 03:13:59 PM »
You're not meant to get perks from the bleedover (which is 100% when you have that perk). As for not unlocking all perks with the main skill, I think you actually do, but it doesn't show in the inventory description. Will fix that.

Thanks for reporting.

Suggestions / Re: [PVE-Perk]Gun runners expert
« on: September 17, 2014, 07:16:39 PM »
This one's really nice, I like it!

General Discussions / Re: Question about Perk Medicinae Doctor
« on: September 17, 2014, 07:11:49 PM »
Yeah, I'll put it in. Will be in one of the next updates.

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