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One year of development!
« on: September 29, 2013, 06:00:00 PM »

Tomorrow is going to be the first anniversary of the Ashes of Phoenix project. Looking back at what we have already achieved, we realized how long and challenging the development process of such a game is. Nevertheless, we have been making good progress recently as usual, and we get closer and closer to the beta test. We performed a first pvp testing session this month and we’ll do some more later on. Another feature that will be tested soon is the first Phoenix dungeon so now is a good time to talk a bit more about it.

Dungeons constitute both PvP and PvE challenges. Located in the darkest places of the city, you’ll need a certain amount of players, decent level and equipment to be able to enter. Once inside, there is no turning back. Prepare to face packs of enemies cooperating together, traps and deadly foes along the path to the exit. The fights will require strategy, reflexes and preparation. But the trip is worth it: rare artefacts and weapons are hidden underground.

However, you will not be alone in dungeons. Every single group of players will fight in the exact same location. As soon as you enter, the dungeon door is closed for a short time. After that, you’ll be on your own, feeling on your shoulders the pressure of seeing another group, faster than yours, backstab you before you reached the end. Watching your back will be really important, even in dungeons.

At the end of the dungeon, you’ll have the choice to either face the last boss, or leave and secure the loot you have picked up on your way until then. If you choose to enter his room, you’ll be safe from other players for a reasonable amount of time but you’ll then bet all your equipment on beating the final boss which will be a tough fight for each and every team. We believe that those fights will be particularly interesting to play as those fights will use special scripts to make sure each dungeon boss is a unique challenge.

The next news post will be the first major announcement concerning the beta and the game content. Don’t miss it! ;)

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