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There used to be a seller who brought pre-war junk from you, the fat dude.
Except... he doesn't. I offer all kinds of junk to him and he's like "lol whatevas I ain't paying shit for this". Which is kind of weird.

Is this a bug?

Greetings, my good gents.

I have decided to open this thread in antecipation of the opening of my Perfect Pillage Parlour.

Its objective: To sell items which are Perfect.
These items are either crafted by my perfect hands or very rare items found in the Core.

The parlour is not open yet, but it will be... soon.


TRUE Masters of Phoenix, it is time we return!
We are Family, we stick through thick and thin.

When the Wasteland sends its people, they're not sending their best. They're not sending you. They're not sending you. They're sending people that have lots of problems, and they're bringing those problems with us. They're bringing luddism. They're bringing law. They're techno-fiddlers. And some, I assume, are good people.

As we all know, we were never that many. But we were always two things:

We stuck together for each other.
We were the Best.

Unlike our enemies, we did not hide behind a horde of cannonfodder.

Remember those good times, when we travelled together through the core, how our bullets would bore through our enemies' bodies? I remember those good times, doing Family Crack, playing High-Middle-Low with Steve, hunting down bluesuit vtecs, fighting great wars against our foes and proving our mettles.

These times can come back again! They WILL come back! For we are returned!
Let us fight together for FAMILY!

Make Family Great Again!

General Discussions / Should AoP do a wipe?
« on: January 09, 2015, 09:24:41 AM »
With the server down and player numbers low, I thought - Why not do a wipe and start again from zero? Wipes have been show to attract people, and we really need people.

My idea is that we could eiter have a hard wipe (WIPE ALL) or a soft wipe that just gets rid of equipment (because levelling is slow and it would lead to assignment grinding) so people have to go more into the Core in order to get gear and relics.

Here's how I see it:

Advantages of wipe:
- More reasons to go into the Core to scavenge.
- Gives a jumping point to noobs who want to enter in material equality with vets
- Allows devs to put in some features they could't without wiping.

- Some people dislike having to collect and craft all the stuff over again.
- (hard wipe) having to go in assigs to get XP again is a pain in the butt.
- (soft wipe) still keeps things unequal betwee nobs and vets, but their levels rather than gear are unequal.

My current mouse has a broken mouse wheel and that means its kinda very annoying to fiddle with the squad interface and the leadership implants because I can't scroll down because my mouse wheel doesn't work and pageup/down or directionals don't do it either.

This could go for inventory too, its kinda annoying to have to click on the button if you have no mouse wheel.

Game Tips & Guides / Ultimate Sewer Rat (factionless) build?
« on: October 15, 2014, 12:49:33 AM »
So I've been thinking about doing a new char and playing Sewer Rat-style for teh lulz.

So, what would be the best build for a self-reliant loner without a faction?
- Sewer Rats have no craft benches (so no use in relics and crafting components besides trade)
- Sewer Rats have no traders (besides other players) - also makes misc junk useless
- Sewer Rats have no companions to tank, heal or defib
- Sewer Rats have no room to stash or put containers in
- No Assigs

Here's what I got with some thinking, so far:

- CH 100% useless

- PE very useful, you will need extra ability to see people from afar. Alternatively, go low PE and keep away from open spaces through sewer crawling.

- EN vital, you don't have anyone to defib or heal you.

- ST doesn't sound useful, most guns don't require much ST and you don't need much carry weight because you will be doing quick loots and going to stash it somewhere hidden within the Core.

- For combat skill, I think the best tags are Small Guns and Close Combat. Small Guns are easy to find in the Core, ammo too. Close Combat is even easier to find the good weaponry and allows you something to scrap by if you run out of ammo.

- Remember - you can't buy ammo or craft. You have to get by scavenging, killing NPCs and trading with players (good luck not getting shot instead) - Big Guns and Energy depend a lot of trading for ammo and crafting for the best weaponry, so they don't seem to be worth it.

(throwing might be useful too)

- For secondary skills, Leadership is useless (unless Sewer Rats can enter faction squads or make squads with their sewer rat pals, then it could be useful), traps are useless (because you can't craft), First Aid/Doctor are clearly best. Sneak might be either very useful or useless, because you can't buy stealthboys and energy cells, so you essentially depend on random luck or PKing to get them.

- Sewer Rats don't get attacked by patrols (unless epic negative rep) so they can use them to ward potential attackers that are hostile to the patrol. Hanging near patrols in say, Lawyer-controlled Verde might be a good ideia.

Thinking if a Sewer Rat player is best serviced by a sniper build or a tank close-combat build that rellies on using sewer crawling and close spaces to snuff out sneakers and kill snipers out of their element or just going sneaker/CC somehow and stabbing people in the back.

- Can a Sewer Rat tag someone from a faction and go into a dungeon? Might be a nice source of items.

Roleplay Activities / Family Radio Broadcast 1
« on: September 27, 2014, 04:13:37 AM »
So I decided to do a little vocaroo broadcast, to chronicle the situation in Phoenix. I hope my accent ins't too weird and that you can hear clearly. That weird droning noise is electronic counter-measures made by foreign invaders who want to stop you from knowing THE TRUTH! Don't let them manipulate you like the rest of the sheeple!

Remember: Family Protects.

Off-topic Discussions / 50s Theme Song of AoP?
« on: September 23, 2014, 01:56:54 PM »
Because Fallout MUST have a 50s theme song to clash jarringly with the grimness of the Fallout Universe, and yet have a subtext that makes sense within the story. Even if we can't put in-game due to copyrightz, something to put on my AoP playlist is just cool.
Fallout had "Maybe" from the Ink Spots.
Fallout 2 had "A Kiss to build a dream on" by Louis Armstrong
Fallout New Vegas had "Blue Moon", which is a cover by Frank Sinatra of the original 30s song made by Richard Rodgers.

I think this problem is since FOnline 2238.
Essentially, I'm using a brazilian QWERTY keyboard and I cannot type interrogation symbols. Shift + ?/ button doesn't do it, right alt + w doesn't do it either, I simply cannot find how to type it.

Suggestions / Default Zoom Level?
« on: September 21, 2014, 04:07:25 AM »
Am I the only one who hates having to set zoom level all the time, everytime I enter a new map? Considering zoom level is vital to detect snipers and engage in sniping, I believe its really needed to allow us the option to set a default zoom level.

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