Author Topic: [ALPHA] 25.02.2013 Changelog  (Read 4054 times)

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[ALPHA] 25.02.2013 Changelog
« on: February 25, 2013, 05:51:41 PM »

We've been so busy trolling people in game fixing bugs and trying to figure out the cause of the frequent crashes, that we haven't really published any proper changelogs of all the updates and hotfixes we've made.

Here's a list of changes applied since the last changelog, in (roughly) the reversed order in which they were applied (most recent first).

-Awareness dialogue quest for lawyers
-Balanced random item spawns
-Made Library Park a ZC map (need 3 people at level 8 and with tier 2 gear)
-Added poker table of DEATH and fixed descriptions
-Buffed random spawns frequencies and made the different core maps have different frequencies,
-Fixed problem with respawning if you died on world map.
-Fixed creature speed of many critters, which should solve some of the graphical issues
-Fixed lag issue with shovel and other items
-Fixed crash when being expelled from faction
-Fixed issue with squad bases, they should work now
-NPC Team Pids & Replication time fixes
-Humanoid critters team id fixes
-Created The Godfather / The Right Hand / Jim, Jack and Jo characters
-Several item descriptions fixes
-Animals general revisions
-No forced encounters between the HQ's and the Core
-Dialogue fixes
-Added awareness quest
-Solved problems with the mines (not being able to mine rocks)
-fixed infite caps exploit with selling ammo to trader, fixed map and crafting issues, increased value of armors
-Fixed exit grids so you can't leave map while you have combat timer
-Fixed spawn locations on the core maps so you can't spawn outside the map when leaving at the top or bottom of the exit grid
-Fixed a faulty spawn location in lawyer private room nr 6.
-Fixed the misconfigured plant items so that you can harvest fibers from them
-Added description to pickaxe
-Fixed problem with the random spawns feature that caused the mobs to stand still at the starting point.
-Fixed so you can use more types of knives on plants to get fibers
-Fixed some broken dialogue links
-Fixed critical bug with random spawns feature
-Improved greatly the random encounter spawns

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