Author Topic: [BETA] 09.03.2014 Changelog  (Read 16789 times)


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[BETA] 09.03.2014 Changelog
« on: March 09, 2014, 09:02:14 AM »


- Fixed the AP/aim bug where the autoaim would turn off only partially after client script reload, resulting in higher AP cost in non aimed mode when reconnecting to the game.
- Mobs now use 1.5x AP to perform actions compared to players in order to account them having kinda broken amounts of AP regen. (WIP)
- Fixed the persuasion, engineering and science skill formulas for gaining skill points.
- Fixed so that a missed target doesn't get any combat timer anymore.
- Squads with 0 members now properly deleted.
- Squads now deleted when squad leader removes self.
- Can now leave squads by removing self.
- Fixed some more random assignment issues.
- Fixed some crafting related bugs.
- Map fixes.


- Changed the repair formula.
- Changed the XP formula gain when sciencing items.
- Replaced Jet with Afterburner.
- Adjusted value of healing items and drugs.
- Changed the junk merchant into a tier 1 ammo merchant that accepts everything except food and drugs as payment.
- Changed the Brahminboys courtyard to reduce unnecessary travel time.
- Clamped DR to max 95% for players. (WIP)
- Search and Destroy missions now include new explosive containers.
- Dialogue improvements.


- 1 new random encounter map.
- Added "weak energy cells", a cheap variant of SEC dealing 20% less damage.

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