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Changelogs / 16-03-2015 Changelog
« on: March 15, 2015, 10:28:06 PM »
-FTLs can now demote themselves
-Pressing "B" (weapon swap) without Street Samurai will stop the char immediately
-Tied the loot respawn in the final room on polymer lab to the npcs in that room. (Loot respawns only when the mobs die)
-Fixed some drug messages
-Fixed some very minor worldmap fog issues.
-Fixed several bugs relating to loot respawn in robco/polymer
-map fixes and updated nukacolamachine graphics
-Adjusted respawn time of polymer NPCs

-Capped Run speed to 10 hex/second.
-More grenade stock in the merchants.
-Removed ability to throw nades when under RAGE COLA.
-Increased polymer difficulty slightly (and loot)
-Buffed Scoring for medical actions
-Score for defib
-Score for usage of medical items
-Score for healing bleed
-Buffed AP Drain , Now also disables target's AP regen+ for 1.5 seconds per application. Stacking.
-Changed projectiles missing behavior
-FTLs can now use RTS-mode (not just leader of a squad).
-Using an opened container now displays its contents instead of closing it.
-Using steal on a container now closes them
-Lowered cost of sPA from 20 PA frags to 5, comes in normal quality. ( Manually Built PA is still perfect )
-Repairing PA now has chance equal to the parts required to repair to lose quality
-Merchants now sell items with Outstanding quality instead of Perfect
-Mustard Gas now inflicts 15 bleed ontop of the poison

-Repair kit added, put the item you want to repair on the ground and use the kit on it ( Like you're defibbing your item ).
-Added map name in the squad list for most maps, including sewers, HQ and upper levels of the core.

Changes/Additions to RobCo level 2:
Now the hard robots are not present by default, and the good loot is moved to the armory (which replaces the toilets on the previous map). To get to the armory, you have to use the terminal next to the armory door. To be able to log in, however, you have to first obtain a keycard from elsewhere in the level (hint: check the office). With the keycard you can log in, which will then trigger a security alert, which in turn closes the doors into the top right part of the map (cutting in half anyone unfortunate enough to stand in the doorway!). Oh, and it also spawns extremely deadly turrets and robots.

After the security lockdown, nobody can leave or enter the locked down area (which includes the armory). Anyone trapped inside have approximately 20 minutes to kill the robots, or die trying. If the time is up, all players inside the area will die. If all players inside are killed, all loot on the map will be teleported into the armory, the robots and turrets are removed and the lockdown is lifted (the armory remains locked).

If the players manage to kill all the turrets and robots, the armory will unlock for 20 minutes and the lockdown is lifted. After 20 minutes, the armory door slams shut, instantly killing anyone with the brilliant idea to force it to remain open by standing there. Anyone trapped inside the armory will be stuck until it opens the next time (keep in mind it is a no logoff zone).

Also, the loot amount is greatly increased.

Changelogs / 07-03-2015 Changelog
« on: March 06, 2015, 02:34:26 PM »
-Fixed burn and bleed kills giving bounty on self
-Fixed suppression weapon perk
-Added Mustard Gas grenade to grenade list
-Fixed a hex shooting issue when using util slot with deployable weapons in hand
-Repair from the ground fix
-Reduced the margins a bit on the HoF so that longer legendary weapon names fit
-Fixed Mining Dialog Exploit
-Potential fix to some legendary HoF issues

-Nerfed Mentats.
-Nerfed Leadership some more.
-Psycho now gives 30% DR to Bleed ( up from 20% ).
-Reworked Afterburner Gum, now reduces max AP by 30 and gives 10 AP Regen+.
-You now get scavenger fame for looting bookshelves and other containers that doesn't close.
-20 XP to loot containers and sceneries (but only if nobody looted them since they respawned stuff last)
-Leadership change: Charisma of leader no longer affect the boost strength (charisma 10 is assumed).
-Spears thrown by NPCs get deleted when they hit the ground.
-Players throwing spears have a 10% chance of losing the spear when it hits the ground.
-Buffed bleed resistance. The character sheet now shows the bleed "half life", which is the time it takes for your character to absorb half of the current bleed. The longer the bleed half life, the longer it takes for you to convert bleed damage into normal damage, meaning you will survive longer.
-Incendiary ground effects now longer (up from 5 to 8 seconds).
-Adjusted male Combat Leather Coat graphic to be darker.
-Returned Combat Leather Jacket to default leather jacket skin.
-Bleed removed from Garand.
-20% bleed added to 30-06 ammo.

-Added cover triggers to Library Park
-Added explicit messages when you get a syringe from used stimpack or you heal someone for 0 HP.
-Items can be binded by item type (PID), if you hold SHIFT when you press the number to bind.
-New commands:
--"~colors" - refresh colorizing
--"~hideinvdesc" or "~hid" - turn off SPECIAL, eff weapon range and max weight in inventory screen
-New Aliases:
--"~reloadhotkeys" == "~rhk"
--"~dropsquad" == "~ds"

-You now get to choose a weapon perk each time your weapon becomes legendary. Works retroactively.
-Legendary weapons no longer deteriorate.
-You can see in inventory how far away a weapon is from being legendary.
-You can see with awareness if a player is holding a legendary weapon (though not it's specific name).
-AoP: Broodwar. Leaders of a squad can press 'space' (hotkey rebindable in hotkeys.ini as 'rtsmode') to enter "RTS-mode". While in this mode, all regular commands are disabled, and instead you can drag to select your squad mates, similar to how you would select units in a real time strategy game. You can then issue orders to the selected players that will show up as icons on their screen. There are 3 icons: attack, move and defend. You issue attack orders by pressing 'a' and then clicking on a hex. For move orders you simply right click on a hex. For "defend" orders, you press 'd' and click on a hex. You can also press "s" (for stop) to give each selected player the order to move to the hex they are already on. Similarly you can press "h" (for hold position) to tell them to "defend" the position they are on.

To leave rts-mode, simply press 'space' again (or whatever key you used to bind the rtsmode command).

News & Announcements / Game Rules
« on: September 05, 2014, 02:11:58 PM »

While the wasteland is harsh and always will be, that doesn't mean the atmosphere both on the website and in-game has to be harsh too.
The following rules exist to ensure that the game is played fairly by everyone, and they are subject to change at any time if necessary.

Team Killing

Team killing is not punishable but greifing is. There is a thin line between Team Killing and griefing so be warned of the reprocussions. Personal judgement will be used to deal with such cases.

1. General behavior
FOnline: Ashes of Phoenix is a game, and want you all to feel comfortable when you play or read the forums. That's why we'll pay attention to make sure that spamming, insulting, flaming and trolling cases will be addressed accordingly, with warnings or bans if required. If you're not happy about something, please talk about it and give us arguments.
  • Character nicknames that are obviously offensive and characters that behave a way that can be seen as deeply offensive by a large amount of people will get banned immediately and permanently. Find a better roleplay than calling your character "Hitlersomething". Same for your forum account/avatar/signature.
  • Hacking game accounts or enlisting in platoons to steal possessions will not be tolerated. If we catch anyone doing that, they will be banned immediately. We advise all players to take great care when managing access to their platoon base. Don't let unknown people join your platoon without taking precautions.
  • Willingly ruining the atmosphere of a faction by continuously team killing faction mates will lead concerned characters to jail. Find faction enemies instead.
  • Nicknames or platoon names that would be deliberately stolen in-game will be reinitialized.
2. Multi logging
Connecting multiple characters at the same time to gain advantages over other players whatever they are is strictly forbidden. There should be no advantage to gain from multi logging on AoP, so please don't do it.

3. Fast relogging
Fast relogging on another character in order to gain any PvP advantage is not allowed. While we believe such an advantage would be extremely limited anyway and in most cases, manageable by opponents, we ask you not to do it.

Please also note that the entire Phoenix Core is in 'no log out' mode, meaning that if you disconnect there, you character will never leave the game world and you'll be vulnerable to anyone passing by.
Always disconnect on worldmap or in your headquarter, preferably in your base/room.

4. Bug exploiting
Exploiting a bug in order to gain any advantage - the easiest example being using a broken dialogue to get infinite caps- will be punished. If you find such bug, don't ruin your experience, report the bug instead in private to the dev team. We'll reward players behaving honestly.

5. Feature abusing
Finding a new evil plan to smash your enemies hard is usually tolerated in FOnline, as the wasteland is a place for smart and cunning people. However, we do not allow anyone to simply ruin the experience of others. Camping the entrance of a map for example, while it's not easy to do on AoP, will be tolerated as long as it doesn't become a regular activity that prevents other players to enjoy the game.

If you come up with a plan that sounds unfair for your opponents, better forget it. We'll warn concerned players and punish them if they keep abusing.

6. Third party tools / programs / mods
Wall hacks, roof hacks, field of view hacks and such modifications and bypasses are not allowed on Ashes of Phoenix. In general, any external tool or modification that gives any advantage over other players is strictly forbidden. We'll immediately ban anyone using such tools.

Any tool or program providing players information, such as character planners are of course welcome.

7. Sanctions
Usually, people caught misbehaving in-game will be sent to Sugarman's prison. There is no way out of there, Sugarman never releases prisoners and we do not do it often either. If we catch a platoon obviously cheating, we'll send all its members to jail too. To summarize: please, behave.

8. Help and contact
  • If you need to contact a gamemaster/admin in-game, use the following command: ~help <message>.
    This is not a chat box however, and harassing dev team without a good reason will lead your character to jail.
    We will NEVER address requests such as "change my char name", "change my perks", "Oh I chose a bad trait please change it" or such stuff. If you do a mistake, get over it or make a new character.
  • If you consider yourself victim of a GM abuse, you can send an email to It will be addressed by neutral people.

Off-topic Discussions / A horse is like man
« on: July 14, 2013, 02:45:01 PM »

General Discussions / FA/Doc items
« on: March 06, 2013, 08:03:34 AM »
Item perks:

  • Antiseptic - Shorter bandage time for patient (-50%).
  • Rapid Callus Formations - chance to heal an extra limb for free (same chance as healing the original limb. does nothing if the target doesn't have multiple limbs crippled).
  • Antihemorrhagic - Heals 25 bleed for free.
  • Improved Healing - Heals 25 extra damage for free.
  • High Quality - Half as likely that the item is consumed when used. (normally 1/30, with perk 1/60).
  • Sal Volatile - AKA Smelling salts: restores up to 50 ap if the target has negative AP (aka is unconscious).
Here's how the perks are applied to the items:

First Aid Kit
Basic effects (unlisted):
+25 skill (caps at 250)

Skill perks (unlock at 100, 125, 150, 175):
perk 1: Improved Healing
perk 2: Antiseptic
perk 3: Antihemorrhagic
perk 4: Sal Volatile

Field Medic Kit
Basic effects (unlisted):
+50 skill (caps at 250)

Extra perks (no skill to unlock):
High Quality

Skill perks (unlock at 100, 125, 150, 175):
perk 1: Improved Healing
perk 2: Antiseptic
perk 3: Antihemorrhagic
perk 4: Sal Volatile

Doctor's Bag
Basic effects (unlisted):
Can heal during combat timer
Severly reduced chance to fail
Severly reduced cooldown

Skill perks (unlock at 100, 125, 150, 175):
perk 1: Antihemorrhagic
perk 2: Rapid Callus Formations
perk 3: Improved Healing
perk 4: Sal Volatile

Paramedics Bag
Basic effects (unlisted):
Can heal during combat timer
Severly reduced chance to fail
Severly reduced cooldown

Extra perks (no skill to unlock):
Improved Healing
Rapid Callus Formations
High Quality

Skill perks (unlock at 100, 125, 150, 175):
perk 1: Antihemorrhagic
perk 2: Rapid Callus Formations
perk 3: Improved Healing
perk 4: Sal Volatile

Basic effects are unlisted (they might be hinted at in the item descriptions (if we rewrite them), but mostly they are just part of "how the skill works"), as opposed to actual perks. Technically, there's not much difference, it's just a matter of how we display the information.

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